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Battery issue - 2007 Hyosung GT250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by bzbzbz, May 12, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am currently riding a 2007 Hyosung GT 250 and there seems to be battery issues with the bike. Therefore I will like to seek some advices.

    So, I bought the bike last year and I probably didn't check it well before buying. It can't be started right after I pumped the petrol.(5 mins after sale) Called the previous owner and he told me it has never happened to him before so I just had to push start the bike.
    I sent it to the mechanic at Beaconsfield and he thought that its probably battery issues so he changed the battery and regulator. It worked for a couple of months (Didn't ride it often) but battery died again and I had to push start.
    Sent it back to the mechanic the second time and this time he said its probably the cheap hand warmer thats drains off the battery. So all he did was to charge up the battery.
    Taking his advice, I didn't use the hand warmer but the bike just died again after some riding.
    From these past issues, I figured that the problem is that the battery just wasn't charging up enough and therefore it dies after some riding. Any other opinions? How should I fix it up?

  2. Do u have a multimeter ? If so check that the battery is getting charged. I'd say it prob isn't so your stator is prob stuffed
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  3. Do you know how old the battery is? My hyosung had a similar problem to what you are describing, I changed the battery and it was good to go!
  4. Agree with basejumper, a multimeter is the next step.

    1. Measure the voltage across the battery when the bike isn't running and the ignition is off. (about 12V)
    2. Start the bike and rev it, voltage should rise to 14 - 14.8 volts. Lower and it is not charging and you should look at stator next.
    It is possible that there is a power drain on the bike when it is parked, that is another type of issue to diagnose. If the above test works Ok then disconnect the battery if you are not riding it for a couple of days. Then reconnect, if it starts then you may have to start looking for phantom power drains. If the hand warmers were installed by an amateur their wiring would be a place to look.
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  5. CJVFR's tips are good.

    I know a couple of people with Hyo's, and they have had similar problems. A trickle charger has fixed their problems, especially for the less frequent rider.
  6. Are you able to connect a multimeter (ammeter) in line with the battery while everything is off to see if there is something draining power ? Like a clock or an accessory that's been connected direct to the battery.

    It sounds like the Hyo's are pretty sensitive to the voltage needed to run the starter. A trickle charger that keeps the battery topped off would help.
  7. [QUOTE="bzbzbz, post: 2724200, member: 45249"

    Hey Bzbzbz any update ?
    Did you find the problem and get it fixed ?