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Battery Help

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dm_obrien, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Hi,
    I bought a honda CB250, but because of work and what not, I've had only 1 chance to ride it. The battery was dying and I needed to push start it. It was spectacularly scary for my first time ever on a bike.
    So basically, where do I go to buy a new battery? How much should one cost? Do I need a charger?

    At the moment, it barely lights up any lights on the bike. The battery itself looks pretty old and shitty. I'd like to replace it.

  2. Go to a motorcycle shop. They're varried in prices. Last one I bought was about $40. Yes, you'll likely need a charger.
  3. Or if you want to get one $20 cheaper than a bike shop, then go to a battery distributor.
    They will have a capacity and form factor that will fit into your bike. They will even
    charge it for you.

  4. Plenty of places to buy batteries, Super Cheap sells them, you just look up what you need in a catalogue. Battery world is also good, although their prices have been going up a little of late. I've also seen a few bike batteries in Kmarts and Big W's.
    Haven't seen a $40 bike battery in the last few weeks, everywhere I went they around $55 or more.
    You may also be able to fit a much bigger battery into your bike frame with some small mods, I just managed to fit a 14 amp/hr battery into my bike by bending the battery frame brackets, thus allowing me to A; fit in a taller and more powerful battery, and B: allows me more choices in batteries if I am stuck somewhere.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. maybe the current battery just needs a good overnight charge? don't buy a new one until you know the old one is cactus.
  6. I recently bought a new battery for my cb250. I bought it from MCA in sydney and it cost about $57, and yes you need a charger.