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Battery Electrolytes - Breather pipe

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by DUK35, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Hey guys - finally found out why my engine chromes have excessive Electrolyte minerals on it - my Breather pipe only goes down half way in the chassis!!!

    Now I gotta extend the pipe so it goes under the engine....

    but anyways - I read somewhere here that AutoSol spray can clean that stuff up? what if I can't find that stufff around here is there an alternative??? it looks really ugly on my engine chromes....

    besides what I can see of the electrolyte stains on the engine... is there anywhere else I should check for potential damage???


  2. Autosol metal polish comes in a tube like toothpaste you can get it from any car, bike, shop even kmart and big W even coles and safeway supermarkets in the cleaners section

    Apply some to cloth rub on chrome in a straight line not circular motion and rub lilke crazy then let it haze off and then with a clean cloth buff surface to a beautiful sheen.

    Use it on your engine cases as well

    PS wash down cases well with water and dry off well ps get the rectifier regulator checked as by the sound of it it could be on way out batteries dont usually pump out that level electolyte without reason
  3. You can even use kerosine and a tooth brush and it will work like a dream :grin:
  4. Thanks Brucy - and I was looking for something that looked like Brasso stupid me.

    yeah I noticed the Breather pipe is snucked right where the engine is - and also it's a 1994 Virago - so it's been through some history that I'm really curious of. :p
  5. Hey Guys - Autosol works fab but man it takes alotta elbow grease in the process..

    some parts are fine but some parts are left with ugly scratches or scars like the polish went off aswell (it is chrome or polished metal... not sure but whatever it was it came off)

    it's not too noticeable but more or less annoying to look at sometimes.

    mind you I still got heaps more to Autosol off - by that time I'll prolly have a decent bi-cep hahaha.

    my question is : could I remove the engine cases off? I see there are screws... but can I take them off?

    2nd Question : how much does re-chroming that part cost? (or re Polishing) - cos it might come to that conclusion once I'm done with the scrubbing....

    it's an old old bike - but I like it :)

    thanks guys!!!