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Battery drain on 2012 Street Triple R with rLink GPS tracker

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by GJ384, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. After months of not riding, and having the bike in the garage on a trickle charge for most of those months, I finally had an opportunity to take my 2012 Street Triple R to the mechanic on Saturday for a service - with the aim of riding to work today without fear of any problems due to being parked for so long.

    Rode to the mechanic and back - started without any trouble at all, ran like a dream. Didn't put it back on charge when I got home on Saturday afternoon, since I figured it would only be 4 days until I took it out again.

    Got the gear on, brought the bike out, jumped on... *click* ... nothing. Had the engine light come on momentarily, then the oil temperature light, and the bike refused to proceed. Tried turning everything off and on again a couple more times, but still nothing. Battery showed 11.3 volts - I assume this tells me the battery is drained too much to get the starter to turn over - so it's back in the garage on charge again. I think someone told me once that 12v batteries would normally hold about 14v, so maybe the Street needs pretty much that full 14v to bring it to life?

    I have an rLink GPS tracker/alarm/immobiliser fitted, the manual for which swears it won't cause excessive drain on the battery while in standby mode. While working in the garage over the weekend I switched the bike on a few times to move it around (didn't start the engine), but never kept it on for more than about 10-15 seconds at a time, and wouldn't have moved it more than 5-6 times over the 4 days it was parked in there.

    Knowing next to nothing about this kind of thing, I call upon the combined knowledge of NR members - does a voltage drop to 11.3v sound reasonable given the GPS tracker and the 5-6 times I switched the bike on to move it, or is there a chance something else is happening that might be draining the battery more than would normally be expected?

    I'm thinking about disconnecting the GPS tracker for a few days and comparing the battery drain against what happens with it connected, just as a diagnostic experiment...

    Thanks for any help!
  2. With the ignition off (and a fully charged battery) you can disconnect the negative lead from the battery, then connect a multimeter (set to read in mA) between the negative terminal and the earth lead. This will immediately tell you if there is a current leak anywhere while the bike is off. ;)
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  3. Not good, either you are drawing lots of current or its a flat battery. That's a low resting state voltage. Resting state for a fully charged battery should be about 12.5 volts. Charging state, i.e when the battery is being charged should be about 14.5 volts.

    Yes this will give you a figure. You will have some current due to the GPS Tracker/Immobiliser

    I am inclined to think you may have been hot by one of Triumphs weak spots and have a faulty Regulator or Stator. With you multimeter you need to to measure the voltage across the battery when the engine is revving. That should be 14 volts if all is well.

    WARNING: If you have done the test Fekkinell suggested make sure you have changed the multimeter back to volts. In some multimeter this involves plunging the lead into a different socket. Smoke sparks and despair will result if you dont.
  4. Thanks for your help guys. I had the bike on charge all day today, and just checked it again now - charge was 12.7v after unplugging the charger and plugging in a voltmeter. The charger wasn't showing any warnings about battery faults etc, so that's one thing I guess I can rule out!

    The bike started again when I tried it just now - not the first time, but it did start when I tried a second time. Not sure why it didn't work the first time of course, but it sounded "normal" while idling when I got it going. Back on charge now - just in case - and with any luck it will start when I try to take it to work tomorrow morning.

    I don't have a multimeter (my father would be horrified if he knew) so I might pick one up tomorrow and try those two tests you've suggested - amps while off, and voltage while revving. Thanks also for the warning about smoke, sparks and despair - three things I generally try to avoid!
  5. I reckon the starting 5 or 6 times to just move the bike really wouldn't help. That's what legs are for :cheeky:
  6. I didn't start the engine those 5 or 6 times - just switched the key to ignition without pushing the starter - headlights on, engine off. I think the way the alarm is set up I have to do that or it will go off if I try to move it... Might be worth double checking though I admit!
  7. Yeah bud, im planning to replace my regulator too for the reason of just not charging the battery enough.
    See this thread on triumphrat for details:

    For my part i havent done it yet - would have a few days ago except that its a big job for me to make it fit! I need to do that as a separate project some time, rather than a 'small' project as i go.

    This may not solve your problem of battery drain, but it will at least make sure your battery is fully charged when you stop.
  8. 12.7 after charge is no good
    U should be at 13.8 V

    Are battery terminals in perfect clean condition

    I think its likely u need a new batt and i wouldnt
    Feck with it
  9. Check your VIN with a dealer regardless. You may be eligible for a free replacement Regulator Rectifier (got mine swapped for free yesterday after electrical issues). They will replace it (if vin number matches) regardless of whether it works or is faulty.
  10. Ooh just saw its a 2012. Might have the improved one in there already.