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Battery Drain / Bad Earth on a Kawasaki ZXR250a

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Froggz, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I am not sure if its my alternator or a bad earth but if i leave my bike for a day or so it is really hard to start / alot of the time i have to push start it.
    But after i have ridden for a little while it will start straight up.

    Why I think it might be an earth problem is at night when i turn the highbeams on i lose all lights in the dash and in the driving lights on the rear.
    When i hold the pass light the highbeams come on and i keep all other lights.

    I checked my battery it was at 11. something when off and it boosted up to around 14v a 4k rpm. Its a new battery so it could be my alternator.
  2. OK Electricity is not my strong point. But 11v is low, although if 14v running sounds like it is getting charge. Given it is an new battery I suspect a leak somewhere running the battery down after you stop.

    You running anything extra? Clock, GPS cradle? Heated grips?
  3. No nothing else. The indicators are custom but put on by the owner before me. Im not sure if they have messed something up installing them?
  4. As GreyBM said 11 is low so it may indicate a battery on its last legs. To determine if it is a current drain issue disconnect the battery and charge it. Then leave it for 24 hours, reconnect and try it. If it starts Ok it is probably a current drain. After market indicators maybe a possibility if their electrical work is a bit suspect.
  5. Maybe even try measuring voltage after leaving for 24 hours before reconnecting. There should be no appreciable voltage drop once charged and 24 hours later. If there is sounds like battery is cactus.
  6. Awesome thanks for the help. Ill source a battery charger then ill test the voltages again.