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Battery dead, or dead battery?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pommydave, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Hey,

    I'm having issues (as usual!), this time with the battery. I left the key and lights on overnight (15hrs or so) and lo n behold my batt is flat.
    I bought a projecta charger, connected it properly but it doesn't ever start 'charging' at all.
    Should I just buy a new battery? Any help would be awesome!
  2. David, have you asked Peter Stevens how much they charge for a suitabke battery? Try AMX too, theres one on Keilor Park Drive just off the Calder fwy, if you come to the prac sessions you'll be push started.
  3. I'm gonna call them all tomorrow, I think sat practice is def out the window as I can't even get the damn thing started to get there!
  4. Pop the battery on a "normal" charger for an hour or 2, that'll kick start it then the Projecta may "see" it and trickle charge it. Expect it to take a couple of days with the projecta, or a few more hrs with the normal one.
    The little "smart" charger wont recognize something thats dead flat.

    Go down to woolies and get a 2 or 4 amp charger for about $20 and it'll be sorted.
  5. Most motorbike batteries need a boost charger rather than your typical 'woolies' unfiltered float chargers.

    The boost charger will bring a battery 'back to life' from a low 'depleted' state. Where as a float charger cannot charge a cell that has depleted past a certain voltage....(as you have observed with your 'projecta' charger.

    A 'smart charger' will switch between float and boost charging as required. Most motorbikes are fitted with a SLA / AGM or GEL battery

    I won't get into the tech talk side of it but if you want to know I can.

    Not to blow smoke up the butt of any manufacturer or store but a charger like Jaycars MB3606 are a very good start, simple operation and care for the battery ... When your not there... For smaller batteries the MB3604 isn't a bad thing either...
  6. :beer: I tried to dumb it down even further :)
  7. Dave, I'm dumb so will dumb it down even further.

    Running down a battery can stuff it so it may be dead. But if it is very flat it may take more than a motorcycle trickle charger which often put in a very low charge to get it started.

    When LizzyM had a similar problem the bike charge did nothing, but hooking it up to the car charger it took charge and once it started taking it we could then charge with the bike charger.

    I have both so if you want to give it a try before shelling out for a new battery, let me know. I'll PM my phone no.
  8. You cannot even load test it unless you can get it to take some charge,so as above get a better charger,give it some and then get it tested for load.
  9. Pommydave, happy to loan you a smart charger if you want to give it a try ... As a note how old is the battery, any indication of when and if it's ever been replaced ? How old is your bike ?
  10. If it doesn't work, Battery World is usually cheaper and have better stock for batteries than dealers.
  11. Thanks all! I took the small charger back and got a bigger version which seems to be charging the battery. Time will tell.....
  12. And we have power! Sorted and back on the road. Thanks again guys
  13. Mad Marty, FYI, the battery is less than a year old and the bike is 2002 zzr250. That's why I was a bit pissed off if I had to buy a battery cos of a silly mistake.

    Catchya soon!
  14. And rightly so ... the batteries nowadays are quite resilient to high discharge events and it should recover ok, given it's age.

    Good to here you have the power again ! ( oh dear I just got that 80's dance track stuck in my head again ;( ) ... Hear comes helmet singing for the next week !
  15. Hey Dave - what charger you end up getting and where from? When mine died suddenly, I jumped it with a car battery jumper - lol - not even sure if that's the correct thing to do, but it got it going immediately.

    Used one of these as a temp jump start (http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/on...-Jumpstart-600Amp.aspx?pid=213237#Description )- but wouldn't mind getting a decent bike battery charger.

    PGriz aka SirG aka GrizIT - via Tapatalk
  16. I know a really steep, long hill ;)

  17. Who needs a hill when you have a KICKSTART =D>

    PS it still has holes in the front guard to mount a number plate too
  18. must be a pretty old bike
  19. 1978 ducati 900 SD "Darmah" :angel: Older than a lot of guys I ride with (so am I :) ) I've been on it for 25yrs
  20. Wow o_O
    I once met an old bloke who was on a CB250 which he had for 20 years.