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Battery Compatibility Question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by es, May 25, 2006.

  1. Might sound stupid but are all bike batteries pretty much the same? Thinking I might try sticking the battery from a CB900 into my GPX250 to see if my starting issue is with the battery, before lashing out and buying a new one.
    They are all pretty standard 12 v etc right?

  2. provided the Ahr rating is roughly the same or more, you should'nt have a problem.

    The olny problem you can get is if you try to put a low Ahr battery to a large A load.

    But becaue your useing the battery from a bigger bike in a smaller it's likely you'll by right.
  3. Probably true but it depends how much higher the AH rating is. Bigger batteries usually require more charging current when well discharged, and your alternator may not have the output. It depends on the battery/alternator/regulator combination in a particular model bike.
  4. Although the output may be the same Es, the battery size may not. I tried to fix my battery issue by stealing my mates out of his GPz900 when he wasn't looking... His battery was actually a bit bigger and wouldn't fit in the space for it... Bugger!!
  5. if its just to fire it up, 12v is pretty much 12v (to a degree) hook it up, fire the bike up, if its all good then hand the battery back to its owner and go buy the righht one.

    No point buying something thats not needed.
    That said, i needed a battery on a public holiday recently, only place open was supercheap auto. less than 40 bux saw me away with a battery and acid. Cant beleive how cheap it was....
  6. as far as starting a vehicle goes, Ah capacity is irrelevant. That value is only useful for comparing how many hows you can run your stereo for before the battery goes sufficiently flat that you can't start the thing.

    Cranking amps is what is important, and most batteries will deliver far more than the ~100amps you'd need to turn over a cold bike engine - particularly an old 250 twin with poor compression. If you had enough batteries in parallel to deliver the instant current required, you could start a bike from 1Ah AA batteries.