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battery/charging issue ZXR 250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nüber, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    I need to pick the brain of netrider on this one.

    Right so I picked up a zxr250 and in the two weeks I have owned it I have cleaned and re-jetted the carbs, had the clutch replaced and basically got it running smoothly again after it sat for a year in the previous owners garage.

    When I was on the way home from a ride I noticed the headlights getting dim and it stalled on me at a set of lights. It seamed to cough and splutter whenever I would put the indicator or headlights on.

    I came to the conclusion that it was a flat battery and push started it.

    I managed to get it home by not letting the revs drop below 4k rpm at any time or it would stall.

    Took the battery out when I got home and charged it overnight. I put it back in the bike first thing in the morning and it started, however the headlights were still dim.

    Not having a multimeter I just assumed that it was a bad battery from sitting for a year and purchased another one.

    So I get new battery last Saturday, chuck the acid in it and went out for a natio run. Seemed to be going great guns.

    Then, on the way home in almost exactly the same place it stalls again.

    Flat battery.

    I check the battery and It seems that it has boiled?
    one of the caps has popped of and there is a bit of acid here and there. It still is within the normal level though.

    I am now concluding that the regulator rectifier is failing causing the battery to overcharge?

    Does this sound correct?

    It seems counter intuitive as one of the symptoms was dim headlights.

    Thanks for taking the time to read.

    Advice much appreciated, I just want the thing running again!
  2. I think u might have overfilled it with acid that's why some spilled out and I think the bubbling u saw was normal and not boiling. Sounds like your rectifier might be stuffed. U need a multi meter to check it.
  3. Tend to agree with basejumper could also be shorted windings in the Alternator. You need a multimeterto take the next step,
  4. Cool thanks guys. I will pick one up and go from there, just needed to make sure I am not missing anything.

    Also with the new battery I am sure I did not overfill, and it kind of spat the fill caps off due to pressure.
  5. rectifier is a known issue with this bike; also needs to be turning over at minimum 6K rpm (?) for the battery to charge.
  6. well my bike should be charging insanely well then, Just sayin'
  7. Burnt stator, problem with the rectifier...you need a multimeter to check further..

    with the engine running at 'some' revs, voltage measured across the battery terminals should be approx 13 -15V DC

    A workshop manual will detail how to check individual stator windings and what checks to make across the various rectifier terminals.
  8. Cheers for the help guys.

    New reg/rec is here and I will be throwing it in first thing in the morning.
  9. Ok new reg/rec is in.

    A few qs about voltages;

    New battery old reg was giving nothing at all anywhere in the rev range only stock battery 11.9 v

    so I pulled the old reg to find that one of the terminals appeared to have melted part of the connection plug.

    Also noticed that the new reg is only 5 pin where as the old one was 6. I installed it anyhow.

    Ok so now It reads 13.5-14v at fast idle (2500rpm) no less v than that.

    When it is given revs it kind of slowly drops down to about 12.5v at redline
    and is 13.5v with headlights on at idle.

    does this sound normal?