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Battery charging harness - safe to ECU?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by NiteKreeper, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. As the result of being distracted by a busted hot water cylinder this morning, I now own a battery charger - it's chugging away nicely on the garage floor...

    The charger also came with a harness I can attach to the battery so it doesn't need to be disconnected to recharge, but I'm wondering if it's safe to do so? The positive lead on the harness has a 3A fuse.
    I'm probably being paranoid but I don't like to take chances with the ECU...

  2. Should be fine. Don't f#ck up the polarity. Make sure the key is off before clipping on or unclipping. Try and avoid the awkward sparky sort of half on and half not. Don't let your leads or connections short out against something else while you're fiddling with them... primary school stuff really. Just take care and it should be fine.
  3. There are such low currents involved in dedicated bike trickle chargers which is why I think I've never heard of any cautions with respect to ECU.
  4. Thanks, will get to work...
  5. From memory the instructions that came with mine recommend disconnecting/removing the battery for recharging but its Ok to leave it in for maintaining the charge. I've got the connector thingy on our bikes.

    One of the reasons given for removing the battery is the battery can get quite hot when recharging.
  6. Yeah this was a concern too.
    I wired the harness in yesterday and completed the charge with the battery in-place, but I checked it every 20-30 minutes for temperature - never got even slightly warm...
    Considering you have to lift the seat anyway to get at the harness, I'm pretty happy with it.