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Battery bleeding problem.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by subdaman, May 30, 2011.

  1. Bought the suzuki vl250 intruder from my brother...

    everything else is great on it but battery life is very poor ( he had told me that he had the issue from the begining itself).... so any suggestions on how i go about fixing it?

    I want to fix it because i put an alarm in and i want the damn thing to work! bike is used mostly on the weekends only.. battery life does not extend beyond 2/3 days without starting it..

    i know the part abt taking out the fuses one by one and having a multimeter(i think?) between the + lead and the battery.. any other way?

    Also, while i was fitting the alarm, i found a plug with a black wire loop on it and another one where the male plug did not lead to anything else? i looked around but couldn't find a female plug to plug into. maybe the source of the drain?
  2. the easy way is to buy a trickle charger and hook it up when you park it for the week..
  3. Yeah a trickle charger is one way of masking the problem, but to fix the problem you will need to put a amp meter on the battery cable, you can get cheapo multi meters from Jaycar for like $20, set it to DC amps and disconnect the + lead from the battery and clip one lead to the battery and one to the + lead from the bike. If you dont read anything on the meter even at the lowest setting then you could have a stuffed battery, if you pick up a slight draw then yup, your going to have to go thru all taking out your fuses 1 at a time to find the problem and then your going to have to fix it.

    If you dont feel up to that most auto electricians will usually test to see if you have current draw on you battery and also if you have a busted battery itself for free, they will just hit you for fixing it normally.

  4. Unless there is a crap load of power drain on these bikes while they are garaged (I thought they were pretty basic but for all i know they may have built in tyre warmers and automatic seat height adjusters) battery life shouldn't be that poor. I suspect a crap battery or a fault in the charging system with my guess being the former.
  5. I wonder how much current the alarm draws?

    It's possible the battery is past its best. It's possible there's a light short-circuit somewhere drawing some current. It's possible the alarm is badly made or designed, and needs way too much current just to operate. I mean, the fact that somebody designed this thing and built it and sells it, doesn't mean they did a fantastic job of designing it. Some 'special bike alarms' are just a car alarm with the parts waterproofed a bit, and they draw way more current than they should.

    Some auto sparkies will look at bikes and some won't. Some will look but don't know a damn thing about them. There are some fundamental differences between the way typical bike looms work v the ones in cars. Best to ask a bike shop if they do it themselves, and if they know an independent auto sparkie who knows anything about bikes. They may at least have a quick look at it for free to see if it's something simple.
  6. Sorry I misread and thought you were going to put an alarm on, npt that you already had.
    Still suspect crap battery aadn the alarm is drawing too much power for what the battery has left.
  7. How old is the battery? Is the battery a wet type? (as opposed to sealed)

    Bike batteries don't last very long if you don't ride very often. The "old" wet type used to last only about a year if you rode once a week.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys..

    To be honest i do not know how old the battery is .. It is a sealed battery though... yuasa .. I have put the alarm in but i have not connected it up with the battery yet because of the battery bleed...

    It seems that on a full charge, the battery will only last about 3 days without charging... i have a feeling that even when the bike is running, the battery does not charge or something but i will not know until i test it out with the multimeter i guess..

    Any ideas abt what the battery charging system(within the bike) consists of??

    I will test it out with the multimeter thingo and see where it takes me.. i am really dreading the fact that there is something wrong with the electrical system, because it is generally really hard to diagnose? Pls feel free to correct me because i am a bike noob after all...
  9. What year is your bike?

    Later model Suzuki's have had a recent recall which affected battery life.
  10. its a 2007?