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Battery all wet, safe?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Gurbachen, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. So I know bikes are machines and made to be outside, but I had my seat off and the battery hooked up to a charger when a super fast storm came in. Am I right to turn it on or should I wait until it dries? I don't know if it generally gets wet with the seat on, so no idea if I'll blow everything up. Thanks.

  2. Seat on, charger on, you'll be fine.

    The current will follow the path of least resistance - the battery terminals. If the battery case conducted water every time it got wet we'd be in deep shit!

    - boingk
  3. It's only safe if you put a condom on it... ;) :D
  4. yeah I assumed so, but then I thought well maybe the seat is way more sealing than I expect and the battery doesn't usually get wet *shrug* thanks man, I'll go turn it on and hope I don't blow up :D
  5. 34 minutes have passed........ has he blown up?
  6. I did, but like Daffy Duck, I just spun my face back around the right way. Nah it started up fine, thanks.
  7. Just don't test it on your tongue.
  8. Too late, my hair now stands permanently on end.
  9. Once bit an electric fence.

    Hair apparently stood up and it felt like someone had pulled all my teeth out at once - that empty, numb, somehow vaugely yet deeply hurting feeling.

    - boingk
  10. Should we ask why you are biting an electric fence?

    I can only think of one reason to bite an electric fence.
  11. Near the end of a boozy 3 day footy trip, one of our guys stumbled out of the bus and pissed on an electric fence. Laughed? Nearly shat ourselves :rofl: :rofl:
  12. We used to grab electric fences on primary school camps whenever the teachers weren't watching, low voltage (ampage? which ever makes you not die) of course but felt like getting hit between the shoulder blades with a sledge hammer. Not sure why we kept doing it...
  13. You guys should have entered Tough Mudder. Two electricution obstacles.
    High Voltage but low ampage.
  14. Hope the charger didn't get wet. The mains/240V AC side is the bit that'll kill ya.
  15. umm did get a bit drenched but the gator to charger clip is waterproof I think and the charger to extension cable plug was pretty sealed too.
  16. I've always been paranoid about car type batteries, don't know why, as far as I know I've never been zapped by one. Also the extension cable is somewhat like that but the ring thing is more robust, I think it's for more rugged conditions than plugging in a dryer or something. First thing I did was disconnect it from the power point though. Don't know if anyone else here got hit by the storm but it was sunny to pissing down in under a minute.
  17. Car battery especially the size in a car has a enough ommph (100's of amps) behind it to melt metal objects, like a careless spanner or screwdriver, so there is a burn risk. It's a different kind of risk.

    Think about how much power it takes to turn a V8 car over.

    And they're full of Sulphuric Acid.

    12Volts won't usually shock through skin.
  18. Can be used to get you out of trouble in the bush.

    Oh and my wife was once pinned on electric fence by a fat woman.