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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Biker Girl, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Hey guys/gals,
    Does anyone know any places that sell batteries at a good price?
    I live in the northern area of Adelaide.
    Cheers :roll:

  2. I was told a new battery would be $70 (charged I assume.. includes labour), but I bought one from a MCAS and filled and charged it myself, $25. The instructions said charging was ideal but not necessary as it was already charged somehow. You'll just have to handle dilute sulphuric acid (gloves, goggles, protective clothing). Can't help you on a location since I'm in Sydney.

    EDIT: And this will probably be moved to the maintenance forum.
  3. I recommend a good battery rather than a cheap battery.
  4. Yeah, i wasn't after something cheap and nasty. I just know that so many places will sell the same battery at different prices. So,yeah, I'm after a good battery at a decent price. Sometimes some of the smaller retail places sell the same things cheaper than, say, at Bill's Motorcycles.
  5. Quite often the prices for motorcycle batteries are a lot cheaper at places that sell batteries than places that sell motorcycles.
  6. good battery should be around 70-80 bucks.
  7. Your local auto electrician is your friend. He may have to order one but it will come charged and ready to go.
    Auto elecs cycle their stock usually on a weekly basis. (well mine does anyway)
    I think the last "quality" battery I bought for the RF900R was about $100.
  8. i buy my bike batteries from Bils, but then I get a discount....
  9. Is that because you spend lots of $$$ there? My previous partner used to get discounts from there as well, and they always greeted him by his name....
  10. ...all I saw was Batteries and Biker Girl...
  11. Well folks, the guys at Bill's have come through...$59.95 and they'll put the acid in it and charge it for me!!! Very happy!! Go Bill's. :grin:
  12. no, it's because i know people who work there.

    $59.95 is a great price
  13. Cool...that's always a bonus. They were heaps friendly and helpful too, didn't feel like they treated me differently cos I'm a girl...which is always nice. :)
  14. At that price I'll be expecting a post from you in 12 months asking about batteries again :p
    What does $60 get you?
  15. 5 cents change.
  16. that's the reason I started going there :)
  17. k2loo, you're a funny bastard :LOL:
    I guess it's the correct answer :)
  18. What brand of battery?