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Batteries, so many batteries

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by thejonny, May 5, 2016.

  1. I've seen people recommending Yuasa, Motobatt, Katana, SSB etc. but I've got no idea what to get. Should I just go to Repco and get their Katana? Or should I get a Lithium? I'm just a tad confused.

  2. Get a lithium off eBay
  3. I suggest a lithium too, but go for the more reputable brand (ssp from memory) because what you are paying for is not the lithium battery so much as the clever Management electronics, and I've heard you get what you pay for in that respect.
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  4. I'd consider just an ordinary glass mat battery as well. There are issues with Lithium and the types of charges you can use with them, potential risks etc. imo, not really worth it for the weight saving of a lithium, plus added cost of buying lithium.
  5. If you go for a lead-acid battery, get a Yuasa. They do seem to work and last better than some of the cheaper ones.
  6. I chose an standard SSB AGM battery for the same reasons as bobthekelpybobthekelpy mentioned.
  7. Where would I get a Yuasa battery? (Inner Western Suburbs of Melbourne)
  8. Katana is slightly cheaper version of Yuasa.

    SuperCheap is super expensive for bike batteries (like +$30 more).. not sure about Repco.
    call some automotive battery shops.. should be $80 or less? (my local family run battery shop is much cheaper than the chains)
  9. Yeah, Repco and Super Cheap were about $110.
  10. Watch for the sales unless you need one quickly.
    My preference is to AGM over Lithium unless your bike has the charging system to support it.
    It's still a step up on the old wet cell, and last much longer. Most of the time early failure is due to overheating so ensure that you have sufficient thermal shielding around the battery.
    Also try Battery World in case they have one on special.
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    Nailed it there mate, went with all the hype a while back using lithium in customers quad bikes and while they appeared
    To crank harder initially there long term was poor so out they went.
    Moto batts have been dropped as they have gone to shit,won't use them.
    Ssb agm ,(so far) appear to be cutting it but have only used them for about a year (20 odd units) no drama yet.
    I won't do recommendations generally (What the fcuk would I know anyway). cause it can bight you on the arse, but the above is what I have learnt in my limited experience .

    Ps. Yuasa but people won't pay the money for them.
    Rus ler if you're out there make sure you have the aftermarket fuel socks in your King quad tank as I have done a few fuel pumps over the last couple of weeks (3 units) all filled from poxy jerry cans.
  12. the house quality lithium was about $170 from memory, requires no special charging treatment, has more cranking power and should last much longer, justifying the added up front cost.
  13. Battery World have them, at least out East.
  14. Unless you're chasing lap times, saving a few hundred grams on the lithium isn't going to be a major benefit. I put an AGM in the GS500 and it's been fine. The don't leak and they don't need a breather tube which the Yuasa that was replaced had.
  15. Got an AGM from Peter Stevens for $57.95. I guess we'll se how it goes. Bike is running smooth as now!

    Thanks for all the advice everyone :)
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  16. As fatbastard mentioned, Lithium batteries, save on weight/space, but why???

    But I've heard a few stories of them catching fire. (just do a search for lithium battery fires in motorcycles)

    A mates Moto guzzi recently burned to the ground, all things pointing to the Shorai Lithium he had recently installed.
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  17. I don't care about the weight, they are just a better battery for my use/accessories.