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Batteries - Only one option?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mewnz, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone,

    A couple of weeks ago my battery died, since rego was coming up I decided to wait until it was due and do battery/rego/ctp in one hit.

    I've called battery world and supercheap auto, neither had a 'honda vtr250' as existing on the books, and only battery world stocked the yuasa ytz-7s that is currently in my bike, but it will be 2 weeks until they come in.

    Is this the only battery that will go in the vtr250? The guy seemed pretty set that it had to be this type of battery. But waiting two weeks isn't exactly an inviting prospect.

    Appreciate any advice.
  2. Wander on down to your local Auto Electrician and ask them to look in their book for an equivalent battery if they dont currently stock the correct one.

    A battery of the same capacity with the same connectors and size will do the job.

    EDIT: My Googling says a YTX7L-BS could be the one.
    www yuasa
  3. Measure up your old battery (LxWxH) and make a sketch of it, showing terminal type and position.

    Then go somewhere you can run a tape measure over a variety of batteries. Generally speaking, unless you've got something really specialist and high tech, anything that will fit in the 'ole with its terminals in the right place (or, at least, reachable by the leads and not touching anything conductive) will do the job. Don't get too hung up on capacity, as, given a battery in good nick, on a regularly ridden bike that's not hard to start, in Australia's warm climate (yes, 0 degrees is warm), it'll be years before you push the limit here.

    Generally, smaller than stock dimensions are OK and, at worst, can be fixed with a bit of padding. Larger than stock dimensions will usually cause you grief in fitting., if only because the retaining strap won't reach any more.
  4. Thanks for the fast responses, hopefully can go battery hunting before the weekend. :)
  5. Have u gone to ur local honda dealer or any motorcycle dealer. They should be able to sort u out with a battery. Super cheap dont have a large range of batteries, they mostly stock those universal ones