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batteries for a vtr250 where and how much?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rich, May 24, 2010.

  1. My vtr wont hold charge- bike shops dont stock the battery and battery world wants 200 bucks? is this a rip off, it seems to be. Im, in Melb if you have a suggestion. the code is ctz something

  2. whats the part number on the current battery you got?
    also what side of the city are you on?
    most car auto shops can get you the battery that you are chasing.. just make sure you quote the part number from your existing battery.. otherwize you may get a few funny looks..
    i would sugest autobarn, they will more then likly not have the battery,, but most of them can get one in for ya at a reasonable price (less then $80) but you may need to charge it yourself..
  3. Check out batteries direct (online store based in sydney). Picked up a replacement last week. 2 day turnaround (I'm in sydney though) and prices are pretty reasonable compared to other stockists, even when you add the courier shipping on top.

    If you don't need the battery urgently (ie you can park at the top of a hill wherever you go) they're definitely worth a shot.
  4. Kmart in Altona were running out the sealed type for motorcycles, $50 ea. Might be worth a look.