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Batsman's Guide to Women

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by egiste, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. I heard this from a wise man the other night, and it is too good not to share:

    There are three types of women:

    Category One: Full pace: Sleek, firm and beautiful to watch. You just step up to the mark with a big swing, even if your shit scared. If you connect then you will hit a six like you could never have imagined. On the downside, there is a fair chance that you will be clean bowled or possibly even cop one in the nads. There is no shame just as long as you had a go. You can never make the runs last.

    Category Two: Medium Pace: Makes entertaining viewing but its not really a challenge. You need to step up, swing through and hit it for four, right from the get go. Although the runs are easy to score, you wont earn any respect from the other batsman and there will be no trophies to take home for mum.

    The final category: Spin: The real point of the game. Makes great viewing and has the wits, the mind, and the challenge. You need to get your eye in and pick the flight of the ball. For over after over you will need to pad off or block. But be patient, because when you master the spin not only will the runs flow, you will make man of the match and you will walk out with the biggest prize of all.

  2. Dooh - I read 'Batmans Guide to Women' - thought I was gonna get some clue on how to become the next 'catwomen' :oops:
  3. surely should be in jokes and humor?
  4. Surely you can't think that women or cricket should be treated as a joke ??
  5. batmans guide to robyn?

    the tall girl from accounting!!! you sick perverts :LOL: