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Bathurst - Show your colours

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cookeetree, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Ford

  2. Holden

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  3. Meh

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  1. I don't care which driver, so long as he's drivin' a Ford! :grin:

  2. ford...only cos i have followed them back when they actually used to race a ford vs holden.....now i more follow the drivers and just pick which shell i like the look of better :LOL:
  3. I suppose I should have put Ford or Chev, since Holden doesn't actually have their own V8. :p
  4. Sillhouette taxi racing; who cares?
  5. Aw, c'mon, it's a good excuse to sit down with a buncha mates, drink heaps, have a bbq and watch the boys go 'round 'n' 'round.
  6. I love the race, just disappointing how the series has turned out - Ford vs Holden. Bring back the Group A days!!! Oh that's right, the Skylines were too busy destroying the Fords and Holdens, better change the series rules.... (opens can of worms...)
  7. The rules are the problem. When the race was a production race and anyone who could run a car could enter, what won on Sunday DID sell on Monday. Now AVESCO has done a shonky deal with Ford and Holden (probably with Government complicity) to exclude any other cars from racing to protect their market share. And the cars aren't Fords of Holdens anway (not that the bogans who wear their HSV sweatshirts as formal wear would know anyway.....)
  8. Holden all the way! :wink:
  9. The problem with the old series, as I saw it, was that fans couldn't identify with the GTR's. These cars weren't as common as they are today. Only the richest of rich could go out and buy one. Fans didn't want to see a foreign import decimate the field, race after race and stopped watching it. (No different to F1, really, when people got sick of seeing Schuey win by 20 laps every week.)

    Sure, the comp has gone away from the traditional race it Sunday, sell it Monday, but at least it's a strong competition that has a following far removed from just the bogans.
  10. Always Holden.

    Hopefully some nuffy wont take Skaifey out on turn 1 this year.

    GO SKAIFEY !!!!!!!!!
  11. Didn't nissan only win it twice... I used to like when it was open, but its just a marketing exercise now for Australian cars. Interestingly the big sedan sector is declining so things may change, I'd actually like to these dinosaurs up against something newer/more nimble...
  12. [​IMG]
    F*cked On Race Day.

    As aposed to- Holes Oil Leaks, Dents & Engine Noises :p
  13. I think it suited the organisers AND the authorities to move the series further and further away from its production roots. Harder and harder to sell the SPEED KILLS message when there is very little evidence of that on the race track.

    Now everyone involved can claim, with some justification, that there is no real link between what the race machines and what your cooking model is capable of. It's a circus, not a proving ground.

    That wasn't really true of the old series, and especially not of the GTRs.
  14. Go Holden!

    And you've all got Project Blueprint to thank for putting the final nail in the coffin of production roots in V8 Supercars. Though to be honest, they're not the only touring car series that has little or no roots to the production cars they mirror. Basically all the top-level touring car series' are silhouette series'.
  15. i dont follow any team i just want a good race ...

    :grin: :grin:
  16. It wasn't on the turn that he got hit. It was over the little hill on Mountain Straight. He was going f*ckin' slow (typical Holden :wink: )and got collected by one of the young'uns. Really, it could've been any of the drivers who'd hit him. There was no escape and no time to react.

    Stigger - The decline in fans started with the Sierras and just continued with the GTRs. The fans wanted V8's, not pissy little engines with turbo's.
  17. That's not really true, the BTCC has very stict limits on what you can do and at one stage had rules that you couldn't run any aero that wasn't on the road car...

    Also you can race what ever car you like as long as it comes under 2.0L and has 4 Doors, not the Ford/Holden boys club that it is now. No wonder Toyota coped the shits they've got to be as Australian as American GM and Ford.

    I would have thought that the answer to the RS500 and GTR issues would be to build better cars...
  18. What those pissy little turbos that beat them hands down...
  19. It was Perkin's son, and a blind man could have seen that!!!

    And it was the bogans that wanted Ford and Holden, they couldn't handle the "jap cr@p" winning, ask Jim Richards! There was talk about Toyota entering but they've decided to go somewhere more profitable - NASCAR.