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Bathurst 1000 09 Thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ajc_082, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. The big race this weekend..... cant wait. Anyone going?? Who are you tipping for a win??

    Its anyone's race but would be great to see Team Vodafone cap off a great season. (all be it not for ford)

    Should be a top weekend of motorsport.
  2. Baffurst ay. I reckon a taxi, with a moccasin wearing driver, will win it, ay.
  3. I'm tipping a ford or a holden to win.

    It sure could do with a bit more variety
  4. Yeah the v8 category has lost a lot if not all of its heritage but in saying that I don't think a ford diff will bolt into the back of an aurion or magna lol

    Watch the historics early on sunday morning.......... those are the real cars.
  5. Yep +1

  6. Hopefully not Greg Murphy as he is an obnoxious sod.
  7. :yawn: :yawn: :yawn:
  8. rain makes a race interesting
  9. Go Holden!
  10. I have an idea, will all those who don't like Bathurst STFU, the rest of the posters in here may want to discuss the race which is the point of this thread.
    NOT whether you like it or not.
  11. I loved the irony of Winterbottom's arse catching fire. :LOL:
  12. Not a bad race so far , the weather certainly has had some effect on tyre choice and timing if nothing else.
  13. Holden 1 / 2 / 3 :dance:
  14. Holden 1,2 and 3. My inner bogan is satisfied once again.
  15. weather and safety car slowdowns made for a great finish.
    pity the poor bugger who was second then fell back to 6th in under a lap.
  16. Only 1 Ford in the top 10! Even better.
  17. That was the Kellys , they where a shoe in for 2nd till then. But I guess fighting to control a loose car for so many laps, then the break for the safety car broke his rhythm and his place on the podium.
  18. Yep, and he was so ashamed he removed all his Ford badging ;-)

    Did anyone else think that was shithouse coverage from Prime? Ads every five seconds and when important stuff was happening or obviously about to happen - like when the field was on slicks and started raining, surprise suprise there's a stack in the ad break, so they just go to another break
  19. Absolutley!! It was the worst coverage ever, i was rellying on my mates half the time as they were there ....
  20. Comparing a Holden to a Ford, is like comparing a big mac to a hungry jacks thingy. All crap