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Batemans Bay trip pics

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by brokey, Jan 15, 2005.

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  2. Thanks for showing us your pics brokey :D ...theres some nice shots there, l really liked the one of the hut..great shot.

    Julz :D
  3. nice pics, also like the one of the hut but every time i seem to go there its usually 30c+ :)
  4. Interesting what you can do with those 'one time use' cameras...they are good for taking shots on the move...if you drop it it dont really matter :p
    The shot of the hut was in very wintery conditions....cold, wet and fuggen windy....if using huts in the Alpine regions, be aware that these are old and need preserving for others to enjoy. This hut is becoming more frail with every group that uses it to shelter themselves.
  5. When I was up there it was very wintery like weather and I sometimes couldnt see 20 feet in front of me....not real good if you go up there for the view :x
  6. Great Photos! I especially love the ones you have taken whilst riding! :D
  7. Thats what those 'one time' cameras are good for although you only get one go at a shot whilst riding....you never know if you are pointing it in the right direction :roll:

    How is the patient holding up?
  8. He's getting bored, but at least that means he's getting better ;)

    We see the surgeon tomorrow to find out how he is going officially and get the specifics on treatment from here in. :D