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Bastille Day

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by DuHAST, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. Today being Bastille Day - PM Chirac has officially raised the French terror
    alert from "Run" to "Hide". There are only two higher alert levels in France, which are "Surrender" and "Collaborate".

    The rise was precipitated by a recent fire at France's white flag factory - effectively crippling their military.

  2. haw haw haw!

    mah children needa wine!
  3. That is CRUEL!!

    (funny, but cruel)
  4. Regardless of all that, RC36 stands on a soap box and sings as stirring rendition of La Marseillaise.

    The crowds go wild.
  5. bastille day is just an excuse so they can eat snails and frogs legs in public with out the rest of the world saying "there sick bastards" :LOL:
  6. "Oh we are the boys from Brisbane Town
    Our coluors yellow maroon and blue
    We will always fight for victory..."

    Go Lions!
  7. I used to love French lessons. Especially, Bastille Day when Mademoiselle would go down to Le Croissant and buy us chocolate croissants.
    MMmmm yummmmm... :)
  8. Hey france? I fart in your general direction! :twisted: :p