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VIC Bastards stole my gear at the airport

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by MrGrumpy, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. looks like the dirty thieves had a busy weekend. Es' bike was stolen from the airport over the weekend ....detailed in this thread...


    also my gear was taken at the same spot over the weekend.
    I parked my bike at the airport at 7am on saturday the 23rd July and returned on Monday the 25th at 8pm. As I approached my bike I had an awful sinking feeling as I thought my bike was gone because it didnt look the same. Half a second lated I realised that my bike was there just the Ventura bag and all my gear was gone.
    The bag had 2 padlocks attaching it to the rack, plus a chain going around the bag and through the grab handle with another padlock. Also the zippers were padlocked closed. So they had to get through 3 padlocks to get it off and also the zipper locks to get the gear out.
    I lost a AGV Helmet, draggins, Exustar Boots, Dainese Gloves, Dririder Gloves, RST Jacket, Sunnies, Dainese Back Protector, Knee Gaurds, Ventura bag, RJays wet wether pants, Balaclava and neck warmer, and all of my tools. All up around $2000-$2500 in gear. I had to hire a car to get home because I didnt have a helmet anymore. Then next morning go buy new gear and drive back to the airport to get the bike.
    Insurance will give me $500 with a $400 excess, then I lose my no claims bonus and my premiums go up. So I get nothing basically.
    But the last laugh is on them. The draggins they stole are 18months old and have NEVER been washed. I hope the get a rash on thier nutsack!.

  2. glad you can laugh at the situation partly at least :)

    good luck finding your stuff dude, hope not too many others were hit over the weekend.
  3. thanks mate.
  4. do you have any photos of the gear you could ad?
  5. nah I dont unfortunatly. To be honest I have just accepted the fact it is gone. Gear would be incredibly difficult to trace and there were no markings etc on it to distinguish it as mine so even if I did come across it I would have a tough time proving that it actually belonged to me.
    I did report it to the police and hopefully if they find your bike the same same scum might have my gear in which case i might get it back, but im not holding my breath on it.
  6. Are there any lockers available at the airport? Just want to know.

    EDIT: There are LOCKERS available.
  7. Bastards.
    Hope Es gets her bike back and a big bonus if you get your gear back along with her bike.
  8. But this can be used to store bike gear etc, not that this info is of any help now.

    That's a really F***ed up situation there. All the gear gone and then you had to spend more to get home, buy gear and then get back. Arent there any video cameras there?

    Hope you get it back.
  9. actually im a girl

    i know, the avatar is there to mislead.
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    thanks guys...yeah it is a real pain in the arse to be honest but at least, unlike es, I still have my bike.
    I travel at least every couple of weeks so from now on I will either take the gear with me or park at one of the secure ariport parking places...I have used one in the past who only charges 50% for bikes which is pretty good. either way I wont be leaving my gear behind again.
    One other thing I learned. It pays to have a good relationship with your local bike place. When I went there to get gear and got chatting and told them about what happened they cut me a great deal on the new gear because I am a frequent shopper there and I get the GS serviced there. They still made money out of me, which I would expect as they are a business, but the really looked after me. so a plug for Byrners Suzuki Seaford for looking after me.

    my apologies.
  11. why claim for a measly $100?
  12. oh right.
    wait a minute. a girl who rides a DR (well at least before it got stolen)? that's uber cool.
    I ride a DR650 myself, we should go off roading some time, if you ever get your bike back or get something similar with insurance money.
  13. I hate reading about these things, some low down lazy farker wont work for a living screwing up peoples lives like this. Really shits me to tears hearing this sort of thing. Was gonna say if you're tight for cash, drop into an Aldi store see if they have any leftover jackets, $100 might get you one if they're generous, helmets on the other hand, must say I scored a 'used' one, I know the taboo of used, but shoe x1000 i think for under $200 almost new.
  14. just goes to prove what i always thought... no one would steal a GS500 over a DRZ250 ;)

    actually im not sure if im so happy to have been proven right in this particular argument but hey get lemons make lemonade right?

    well i have been thinking about running a marathon, keeping up beside your bike might be good training
  15. #16 Booki, Jul 27, 2011
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    Explains your nr username...id be grumpy too if that happened to me!!

    But in all seriousness....i hope karma takes care of them...bastards
  16. haw haw haw haw haw. real funny :p
  17. hahahahaha...I know exactly what happened now...a guy looked at both our bikes and said "I really want that DRZ but its only got girls gear on it...I know, I will steal that gear from that GS500...problem solved".

    I was a little more than grumpy...Im pretty sure I haven't sworn as much or as loudly in my entire life.

    I actually thought about the aldi stuff and it would have been good timing if there annual bike gear sale was on now but im not that lucky.
  18. Mate who is your insurer because that's garbage. I just want to know that I'm not with them too.

    And I would seriously be reading your policy book three times over to makes sure they aren't just trying to bullshit you.
  19. Mr grumpy where did you leave your bike at the airport,for your gear to get stolen