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Bastard '06 Speed Triple wont start...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by panza83, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Ok, as the title suggests, my Speedie wont start...
    The time line goes like this.

    I bought a Mivv exhaust and replaced my staintune highmounts, the bike used to run rich, so i tried a few tunes via the powercommander 3 USB that came with the bike (I'm not silly, I know about Tune Ecu!) Loaded up the arrows tune and it was fine, sweet idle, sweet revving.. Great....

    The next day I decide to see how it cold started, boom! Not a problem...

    The next morning, i wake up to go to work and try starting the bike... The thing cranks, and cranks, and cranks... And nothing.. The battery starts to lose charge and goes flat, so i jump the bike from my car's battery to make sure it's not battery's fault.. Same thing, i can crank all i want and it just wont catch!

    My mechanically minded mate comes round after work to have a look
    a) we have fresh fuel, a full tank

    b) Fuel is able to be smelled when cranking

    c) the airbox is clear and clean, as is the K&N filter

    d) we have all the current draw we can poke a stick at when it's hooked up to car battery.

    e) it's not the spragg clutch, because we are getting compression puffs from the exhaust, and the rocking the bike back and forth in gear test did not work. (common issue with these bikes)

    f) ruled out the power commander being the cause, because i ripped the biatch out. (because hey, that's the last major thing that was fiddled with).

    So basically, from the fuel, air and spark triangle then only thing i can think it COULD be is spark.... The thing is, it fired up so easily the night before that i am doubtful they are fouled plugs, and even then, all three plugs? You'd think it'd fire up and then have a lumpy idle if it was a plug or two fouled up.

    I am frustrated as hell and would love suggestions of things to rule out before i admit defeat and take it to a mechanic.
  2. take a plug out and check for spark

    kill switch, side stand switch, clutch interlock switch, ??????

    left field ....faulty or accidentally disconnected tipover sensor???
  3. Cant be kill switch as the killswitch controls the whole display, which works fine, side stand switch i doubt too, because if it were, it would not crank at all, and regardless i do it in neutral when i start.

    I'll just have to check for spark, was hoping it wouldnt have to come to ripping the bike apart again :(
  4. regardless of the cause, you have prob fouled your plugs by now, all that cranking without firing does take its toll.

    my question, has it fired at all while you were cranking it?

    if it hasnt fired at all, it would suggest a complete lack of 1 point of the triangle.
    you can usually assume that the air is not the problem, it is unlikely something has blocked all 3 tb's

    quickest way to know where to start, have a look at the plugs.
  5. Im picking up a new set of slightly hotter plugs on the way home.