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Bass -- the final frontier

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by A boy named Sue, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. I’m looking to sell my car but have one problem. I still need to get around my suburb with my bass – it is all 60kph or less, single lane stuff. I’ve tried sitting on my bike with my bass in a gig bag but the neck hits my helmet. I guess this isn’t too bad if I turn the thing around so my strings hit my helmet. The other options are to use the hard case and a surf board holder, sling it over one shoulder only (new gig bag) or tie it onto a rack (pointing straight up). It is a ~$1000 bass but I figure I spend about that every year just owning a car (and I don’t intend to crash every year). We’ll still have another car that I can use when I need to move my amp around. I’m on a VTR250. The bass is a small bodied 5-string (full scale length).
    Anybody else ride with a guitar or bass?

  2. I do just fine with a gig bag. Jazz basses don't mind a bit of banging around
  3. I thought you were talking about carrying around a really big fish.
  4. sorry cant help you with your bass, but as i read this thread iam listening to primus new CD, Green Naugahyde. So i have to post a few pics of the bass maestro.
  5. Good to know it can be done.

    I managed to fit it in my guitar gig bag and this lets the body hangs off my right hip (parallel with the direction of travel) and keeps everything well clear of the helmet. I was more worried about not looking for things properly because of the bass hitting my helmet, I already have my head too low most of the time...
  6. You could always go down the big-tourer route, and get a small bike trailer...
  7. what do you do for an amp then?? i couldnt see why a gig bag wouldnt work.
  8. Amp stays at church, bass comes home. We have one car for theoretical other gigs when I assume my wife and kids will be at home. Having a supplied back line (drums and bass amp) isn't completely unheard of. My normal gig bag wouldn't have worked because the bass hit the seat and my head at various times.
  9. Yeah I have a station wagon for the rig. I use two quad boxes and prefer my own gear most of the time, so have only used the bike once, for a quick jam at a mates place. If your backline is supplied it can easily be done, but if you need a rig there, a car is the only option
  10. Get a sidecar. It works for these guys.

  11. thats one big fat hairy mother of a piano, and as you can see it isnt waterproof!!
    least of the problems I know lol
  12. Get a cheap Ashton/Squier etc bass & leave it at the church with the amp :)
  13. I've one guy a few times going around with an acoustic on his back in a hard case.
  14. I used to haul a trombone around on a Suzuki GT250X7.
  15. I've taken my Yamaha bass on by back a fair few times in a soft case on a Ninja 250R. If you sit the bottom of the case on the seat (sit a bit forwards), it shouldn't hit the back of your helmet.