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Baskerville "Private Practice" session

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Iffracem, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. If you get the chance, and your nearest track allows "private practice" then dfo yourself a huge favour and give it a go.

    @ baskerville and Symmonds, if the circuit hasn't been booked for a race etc, then you can rock up, pay $90 ($50 if you're a Ulyses, MA or MA affiliated club member), fill out the indemnity form, and go for it :LOL:

    You need gloves, jacket and helmet.. and your bike of course :wink:
    It's so popular here that a lot of people have "track bikes" just for the sessions, unregistered ex road bikes with the lights, mirrors etc removed and fun inserted :cool:

    Simple rules apply... no bikes and cars on the track at the same time, must wear helmet, gloves and jacket at all times your on the bike with the engine running, at least one person must be in the "infield" and observing the track users...

    I wanted to sort out some suspension issues, and with some help from an ex riding instructor Rob, did just that, but I think I got a bit excited....


    and blew the remaining baffle wool outa the zorst.....

    This guy...


    was absolutely brilliant, a joy to watch, had the little hornet 600 (his everday street bike) lapping faster than ANYTHING else, inc R6's gixxer 600's etc

    This is the fellow miscreants during the obligatory debriefing between sessions,


    Dazshy is on the left, his noice little zed zed arrr! at the back, Robs leaning on his pamperred VFR (for sale!), his GF's track bike "the Slut" (cos everybodies ridden it!!) is up front, my cat is hiding behind the VFR
    The guy not smiling was driving a car....enough said :LOL:
  2. Guess who had fun, then????

    That guy's really ear'oling the Hornet, eh?
  3. at first i thought that was a small bird some how stuck in your exhaust!
  4. MAAATE... he is GOOD!

    Proves (to me at least) that skill and technique wins out over brute force and power anytime!
  5. :LOL:

    There was a lot more hanging out initially, Looked like a small hairy dogs tail :shock:
  6. +1. Yes, he is gooood!!!
  7. I would love to do something like this, I think anyone would benefit from practicing in a 'safe' environment like this (as in can see through all corners, excellent road surface, no traffic etc).
  8. ive done a day at baskerville with a few mates.. we did the pay $90 and have the track for the day thing.. and had a freakin ball.. was in the car.. and learned mroe about my car and driving in that 1 day than the previous 6 years of criving.

    and its great, cause he lives in old beach at the bottom of baskerville road haha..

    are those pics from baskerville??? the corner at the top of the hill would ahve been interesting on the bike wouldnt it? thrown the balance out of wack a little, i remember it was a biatch in a car.
  9. Damn. and to think I missed all this through a noisy chain.

    Anyway I got a lot of garage work done.

    I'll be at the next one when the weather gets better. Symmonds Plains perhaps?

    Good to see you finally got some photos. We're usually too busy riding to take any.
  10. :cry: maybe next time... :(

    from the pics that looked so awesome... I guess I would be to fearful of breaking my bike, but I would definatley like to give it ago. Possibly if there was a symons plains run? or another baskerville run...

    JJ didnt you mention we needed to get some sort of licence?
  11. AFAIKyou dont need any cams licence or anything, not sure about a road licence though.. its part the reason why you sign the indemity if i remember rightly.