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  1. g'day i have some stupid questions im not the most mechanical bloke in the world.

    okay first off i got my dr650 about 2 months ago off my uncle. And i rode it round a bit and then realised there was no air filter at all just little flakey things. how bad is this for my engine?

    Also The bike is insanly hard to push and it slows up real quick no real free roll when ya coming to a stop. I was thinking wheel bearings or maybe brake pads too tight or warped disc or something like that.(i ruled out disc its straight.) Any ideas?

    Thanks guys

  2. No air filter is one of the worst things you can do to your poor motor.
    Sounds like the thing needs a major service. DR's are not too hard to work on.
    First thing to do is decide if you want to learn how to service and fix your bike. Or pay through the ass to get someone else to do it.
    If it's yourself, then get a workshop manual and start studying.
  3. thanks bretto i figured as much i have downloaded a workshop manual now time to study. Damn uncles.
  4. I assume you mean with clutch in? As a single with clutch out it will pull up fast due to engine braking.

    Try lifting the wheels off the ground and spinning them slowly and see what if they spin freely and what if anything makes a noise.
  5. yep, if the wheels don't spin freely when they are off the ground, then one (or all) of the faults you suspect could be there
  6. thanks guys its pulling up clutch in and yeah hard to push same as when i try to push it around and its real hard gonna try and get a bike lift soon.
  7. It's a DR....Milk crate and some 4 x 2
  8. I can testify that a DR650 sits very nicely on a standard milk crate and can be got there by one person without too much effort.