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Basic Tune-Up for vmoto monza?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by nik_newy, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Hey there,

    I just bought a second hand vmoto monza from a friend last week and it's GREAT!!

    He bought it new in November '05 and it's got approx 1400km on the dial.
    It's in perfect condition.

    It does approx 60kmh max on flat roads.

    Just wondering what basic tune up's I can do to make it any faster.
    Or if I go to a scooter shop/bikeshop what can I ask them to do to it to Tune it up a little.

    Even if I can get it to go maybe upto 70kmh at max and sit at 60 comfortably.

    thanks for your help, cheers nik
  2. if u want to go faster you will need to change the variator, which is the gearing on the skoota!
  3. first thing u gotta do before u do anything else is get it derestricted
  4. I've also got one.

    Where would I go to get it derestricted? (and how much would this cost?). I'm in Perth btw


  5. phone around a few dealers that sell them
  6. monza mods

    Hi guys

    I just purchased a v-moto monza and its great!

    It has a few mods on it and i thought i would share them with you all.

    its got a gianelli pipe on it, rejetted carb and a malossi variator kit.

    depending on the wind it will do 90ks (i dont think the speedos are accurate!) whick im sure is about 80 in real life.

    You can easily beat 90% of tin tops off from the lights and gets to 70 in no time.

    I have only clocked up 105ks so far but still havnt put fuel in in yet!!!!


  7. hey do u know where that work got done???
  8. Re: monza mods

    105kms... dont worry about running it in then hay!!! lol
  9. monza

    Sorry guys, the scoot had 2300ks on it when i bought it, i meant id done 105ks on my first tank!!!

    It actually does 150ks to a full tank, ive done nearly 600ks in the first 2 weeks, saving me a fortune!!!

    I did all the mods myself and can help out anyone the wants a hand to get more speed out of their scoot.


    0418 532 094
  10. hey sorry not to hijack the thread but my vmoto milan only gets about 90-100km a tank is this normal????
  11. Mods that I have read that can be done:
    High performance variator with lighter rollers
    Lighter polygon rollers (don't need a new variator)
    Sports exhaust - more air outlet
    Racing/high performance carb - higher air and fuel flow
    Larger back wheel
    High perform. coil and cdi
    Big bore kit

    I'm currently trying to find the right size rollers to put in. Anyone know where to look up the sizes or are they all generally the same for scooters?