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Basic tool kit to carry with bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by NWRAP, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Hi all :)

    What would be the basic items required to carry with you on your bike at all times?

    I am very very new to riding a bike and even newer to motorbike repairs.

    Thanks in advance
  2. did your bike come with a small tool kit ?. under the seat ?. im not that in touch with hyosungs and wouldnt know if they do. most kits that come with bikes will get you out of a bind. allen key, screwdriver, spanners, plug remover etc. you dont need much
  3. In addition to the Hyosung one get one of those Allen key pen knife type things (push bike section at k-mart). Also get some open-ring spanners. Carry 6-13 mm on the bike.

    A globe in a socket with leads is also handy.
  4. yeah the bike did come with a small tool kit but most of it has rattled out of the pouch it was in and had fallen out of the storage area :(

    Thanks for the replies now I have something to do at work today :)
  5. if you're lucky you could get one at a wreckers. bit of a biatch that they fall out. lucky you didnt get a spanner in your chain there. no i wont say anything bad about hyosungs but thats kind of crap that they fall out.
  6. yes it is crap that they fall out :(

    Only thing is I dont know if it fell out while riding or if it fell out on the trailer trip home from Adelaide to Melbourne..
  7. Tubeless tyre repair + reinflation kit could be worth considering too. :)
  8. Mobile phone and RACV membership card! :wink:
  9. $20 or $50 emergency cash. you never know it could be a while waiting for your mate to come with a trailor and you may need a beer.
  10. cant help myself... if its a hyosung get a kwaka or honda and keep it in your backpack to get you home when needed.
  11. a small led torch, to find all the other tools in my pillion bag when it's dark.
  12. Yea thats a good idea. Had my gear selector fall off on me once. Could have put it back on in about 30 secs, but having to look for tools in the dark made it a 15 min job.

    So now I have a small LED torch in there too :)
  13. Thank you all very much for the tips :)
  14. peice of metal for your stand to sit on

    the old bugger that took the L's course i did told us all to have a small peice of sheet metal somewhere so that if you ever had to park on soft ground you put the metal under your stand and reduce the risk having the bike topple when the stand sinks into the ground.
    Of course you need a safe place to stowe it! :wink:
  15. Re: peice of metal for your stand to sit on

    I carry an old coffee jar lid ( Nescafe) .. does the trick :wink:
  16. best post of this thread.

    most problems cant be fixed with a half arse'd tool kit. just keep your phone charged, and the membership up to date.
  17. I disagree. there is not much these roadside car mechanics can do that you couldn't do yourself. In fact if you service your bike yourself, you will be more knowledgeable than he/she is by a long shot.

    It's not like they carry bike batteries or plug kits.
  18. i've never had an issue with my bike, but with the car i have. and in my experience, i've yet to have the correct tools and/or parts to fix a road side problem.

    that's all :)
  19. Roll of duct tape and maybe even a length of pliable wire. Can help tie things to the bike to get you home after a crash.