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Basic Netrider guide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by NinjaKid, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. hi new to netrider, i just dont know how to post or message other members..., how to reply to a comment and such i know it sounds so dumb but help please...? :)

  2. All the buttons you need are right there on the post you want to reply to. Some fetures wont be available to you until you get past newcomer status. One of those is messaging, you can reply to a message however.
  3. annnnd how am i supposed to gain exp for level up lol, how do i reply to a message?, send me a mssg lol
  4. Keep posting.
  5. Hi NinjaKidNinjaKid
    Have a sqiz at the rules and etiquette from the menu
    You are new so have to earn your stripes before you can do or access some functions like private messaging (conversation) or liking, disliking a post etc
    To tag someone in a thread you need to put an @ symbol followed immediately by their correct tag name
    Eg I am oldmaid. So you would put the @ and type oldmaid straight after it. On a pc the names will appear as a pull down type menu as you type the letters and you just click who you want to tag from the list and it will do the tag automatically in the text
    On idiotpads and idiotphones you have type the whole thing exactly as the persons tag appears ( spaces and all)
    Androids dunno
    Phew exhausted now!
    Hope that helps :)
  6. that explains everything i'll give ya a like only if i can:hungry::rolleyes:
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  7. Yes I'm only new here too, but within a few days of posting replies and crap, I seem to have all 'abilities'. If only learning to ride was as easy!
  8. You can't give likes, so I'll give you one :)

    Keep joining in on conversations, and once your post count increases enough you'll get more options.

    Welcome. Good stuff here.
  9. Lol posting replies and crap and actin friendly aint that easy broh, but thanks for that like
    awww you guys are so sweet, true that, good stuff here