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basic maintennance after every dirt ride.Wat needs doing?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by kimberpong, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. what basic maintence do I do to the bike after dirt bike riding ?ie,clean filters,change oil,degrease etc. Bike is KX500 2 stroke.
    Thanks for your help

  2. KX 500 is this before or after you change you undies.

    We always wash bike first, gives a chance for a good look at cables and for loose or missing bolts and fork seal leaks
    Keep a log on hours bike has run, drop gearbox oil regularly
    Air filter wash and oil
    Check chain clean and lubricate
    lubricate pivot points on footpegs, brake levers and clutch lever
    Lubricate cables ( i use a small clamp-up device available from bike shop and WD-40)
    If you have a lift check wheel bearings , steering head and swingarm for play. Only takes a minute or 2 to do this

    Whole thing should take about 40 minutes, If you have an air compressor and a degreasing gun will make it easier, if you use any high pressure take it easy around wheel bearing, swingarm bearings etc

    Hope this helps
    Great bike, don't skimp on gearbox oil

  3. I usually let it warm up, wheelie for 2 -4 hours. Put it back, wash every other ride and quick check (5 mins).

    I used to do checks every ride but I found its an overkill.
  4. I thought when you owned a dirtbike, you had to stuff around with the carbs and rev it in the yard for an hour after every ride, then pull it apart, stuff it totally and sell it on Ebay for a huge loss?!
    Well, thats what I've seen anyway! :LOL:
    Just always been puzzled as to why simple, rugged bikes and engines don't last more than a year or two when most people use them off road (and for very low hours as well)

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Ever been dirt bike riding typhoon? I'm surprised the engines last as long as they do -well when I'm riding them anyway :LOL: :LOL: Take the latest high performance single cylinder 4 stroke. Say a 450. Around a 90mm bore. (Thats a pretty large dia. slipper piston) Making anything up to 60hp. At upwards of 10,000rpm (just a guestimate but by christ they rev hard) Holding less than a litre of oil. And sucking in the dirtiest air you can find. Bouncing off the rev limiter with the back wheel hooking up & free reving as it finds & looses traction. In a package that only weighs about 100kgs. Total. For the size & weight of them they are a marvel if you ask me :)
  6. some of the new 4 stroke bikes require a total rebuild after as little as 16hours of riding, they make kx500's look cheap to run
    sons mate on CRF250 bought new october 06 is on 3rd rebuild
    his yzf250f by comparison is untouched except for oil every 5 hours and tappet check every 40 hours, goes like a train and cost next to nothing to own.
  7. Couldn't agree with you more -my 625 KTM has done 150 odd hours and I have yet to adjust the valves. Simply change the oil, filters & ride :) :)
    So much for "Honda reliability"
  8. Thanks for enlightening me guys. Would you say this is because the typical trail bike engine is built down to a price, or meant to last only so long?
    Are enduro type bikes longer lasting? I keep thinking a KLR 650 would be nice as a second bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. I wouldn't say the average dirt bike engine is built down to a price -the examples we have given are for something thats tuned within a mm of its life :LOL:
    Bikes like the KLR 650 you mentioned, and the likes of the Suzuki DR650 can & do live long & happy lives. Have a look over at ADVrider to find many many happy & satisfied owners. Even the Suzuki DRZ400 is reknowned as being bulletproof & has legions of fans. Yamahas TTR 250 has been known to clock up some pretty impressive mileage trouble free. The trick is to change the oil often & use good quality oil. Air filter maintanance is also a must -valves do not like getting contaminated with dirt & dust