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Basic maintenance for newbies video.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Sleddog, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. I found a few video on basic motorcycle maintenance. Once you start looking there is a few different videos ,but these guys seems good and has a video for sale ,but most of its on you tube. :wink:
    Anyways ,I watched it learnt alot about different things ,just basic stuff to some ,but once you watch it being done ,like adjusting the chain ,it make it easier to have a go at IF your confident.

    Here is a few links .

    Here's a good one for Basic stuff.

    This one is good for fire blade owners as most of the work is done to it.
    And also good for learning about how different things work on a bike.

    Anyone got any better or other videos.
    I can read a manual a 100 times ,but still not understand whats what :oops: .
  2. Cool, thanks for that :)
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    The buymoto dude does have some good vids there. Thanks for that. I've bookmarked his profile pages.

    While I was playing on youtube (not at work today), I had a look through the chain cleaning how to's. Over the years, I've sort of developed my own routine... always good to see what folk have posted up... but anyway, I came across this vid which seems very interesting.


    It's an absolute promo advert for ketten Max, but is possibly the first product I've seen that removes the mess from cleaning chains. You need a rear stand though.

    ...if for nothing else, the video has a sound track that's a good study for synthesiser music programming!

    On the topic of home maintenance, there's a good book you can buy, full of tips and mods, called "101 sportsbike performance projects". Well worth getting when you want to start getting into working on your bike.


    p.s. Filo, you might wanna check those links...