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Basic Maintenance for Bikes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Good People,

    I am wanting to know if a course is available on Basic Bike Maintenance.

    I am also looking for a refresher course for someone who hasn't ridden for 17 years. I live in the Hunter Valley.

    All feedback welcome.


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  2. I don't know about a course Joe, but most of it is pretty easy to learn after being shown how.

    When I was active on a different (car related) forum, we used to have workshop days, where the mechanically minded would help the not-so with maintenance, usually in the form of demonstrations. It helped that we all had the same car, but I think something like this could be handy for netrider folk and fit in with the community oriented spirit of the site.

    Feedback guys?

  3. by all means joe there is a course available and i happen to be able to offer you the chance at my exclusive traning course , its only 100 dollars an hour .... if you can make it up here to coffs harbour you have passed phase one .... if you get here without any major mechanical problems orengine seizure phase two is yours to keep .... therefore when you get here you will have to come up with 200 dollars to allow me the opportunity to allow you the chance of completing phase 3 free of charge ... but i know you want more !! , yes thats right for this month only you can have a set of choice steak knives given to you ABSOLUTELY FREE as a token of our appreciation :wink:
  4. I know Sydney City Motorcycles offered me a basic maintenance night with my new bike. Not sure if it's available to anyone else, but might be worth calling them if you're still keen. I'm sure other bike stores around the place would offer something similar.

    New to the bike world here myself, and like the idea of a forum get-together every now and then where this sort of thing can be discussed and someone with a bit of knowledge can show you what to do.
  5. Have you checked out your local TAFE?
  6. I just checked NSW TAFE Site and there's lot of very specific Motorcycle courses, but doesn't appear to be a general course. Nevertheless, I'd give Newcastle TAFE a call and see
    Oh, and my welcome to the fourm Pumbaa, I presume Timon will be along shortly?