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Basic Help With old 2 stroke

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by bleck, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I've been searching through the forum looking for some general info on fixing up my new (ancient) bike. I picked up a 1980ish KH100 for stuff all. It would start only for a stroke or 2 if i poured fuel directly into the carb. so after getting the carb off i pulled it apart and gave it the mother of all cleans, the thing was disgusting, the floats were covered in green deposits (im assuming copper rust) as were most of the little bits inside, all cleaned and put back together. Question 1. Given the age and the filth etc do I need to replace the gasket in the carbie to ensure there is no vacuum leaks?

    Once I put this back on it would start and idle no problem on full to ½ choke but would stall when the choke was off. It also dies if the throttle is twisted quickly.

    I have now pulled the head off and am carefully cleaning off some of the carbon deposits.

    Question 2. Where can I find plenty of useful/general/basic information on working on my bike? What to be careful of damaging, what parts to replace, what to check for, how to check things are working as they should given I have pretty much no experience in this sort of stuff and am teaching my self as I go.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    ps, the spark plug seems to be getting covered in fuel, does this means is runnign to rich? and how do i get it to lean out.
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  3. cheers, but ive got a workshop manual coming, the old bloke who gave it too me needs to retrieve it from his beach house.
  4. It will idle better with the head on :LOL:

    I'd be changing gaskets and rubber bits.
  5. oh! thats where i went wrong.

    Where would be the best/easiest place to get this stuff in Melbourne's inner suburbs?
  6. Peter Stevens is the Kawasaki dealer in inner Melb.
  7. I prescribe a gallon of petrol

    and a match :LOL:
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  9. you solvedthe problem with the choke. if it only runs with the choke on its either not gettting enough fuel or its got an air leak
  10. its been a while since ive had a fiddle with this p.o.s. but its time for another play. anyway, i need new bolts/studs for the head, ive spoken to brighton kawa, and there are none in the country.

    where is a good place to start looking for these? and any other parts i might need? what wreckers will have some old stuff?
  11. You should be able to find some suitable studs from a good nut and bolt shop I would have thought. Just take one in, and make sure you specify the application.

    I'd be interested to hear about any wreckers you find useful, for future reference...
  12. I replaced the head nuts on my 2 stroke with high tensile ones from Repco. Perfect fit. They had a decent range, and they could make the difference for you. But if you want the bolts too, yep maybe a specialist bolt bloke.