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Basic Gear Set for Learner

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Maccarossi, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just wanting to get some opinions on gear i was thinking of ordering, i get my licence next friday and have pretty much got a bike lined up and now i am after the gear to wear while riding and wanted to know if what i have picked so far will hold up alright or if there are some flaws in my selections. I won't be riding any faster than about 60km/h for quite a while so the gear really only needs to hold up to those speeds, i'll get more padded/armored stuff later when i start on the highway.

    Helmet: Shark S700 Logo Black
    Jacket: Berik Balistic Leather Black
    Pants: Black Kevlar Jeanes
    Shoes: Shift Fuel Shoes White
    Gloves: Perforated Kevlar

    All comes in at just over $1000 which is good, trying not to go overboard....... yet
  2. looks OK. wouldn't get perforated gloves with winter coming. hands get farkin cold on a bike.
  3. Ahhh very good point, might look at getting something a bit warmer.
  4. Seems like it should all be okay. Fit will then be the most important aspect of buying these. Especially the helmet. all other considerations should come AFTER finding the right fit/shape that suits you. I for example feel crappy in Arai helmets, but Shoeis feel like they were made just for me.

    Actually that also goes for boots...Alpinestars feel terrible on me, but Sidi boots are a really great fit. Yet they are all decent brands. So don't get too attached to the things you pickeed out on looks/brand/price and be prepared to consider alternate options (although if you are looking at the lower end scale of helmets, beware trying on the pricier ones as you'll find it hard to go back haha :D ).

    Another thing to do with helmet fit - a lot of people buying their helmet fall into the trap of getting a helmet that is too big. Hopefuly the sales person knows what they are doing. The best reminder for me is that act as if you are chewing while wearing the helmet. You should feel your teeth rubbing on your cheeks. (thats what the Shoei people said anyhoo).

    I personally would get higher boots, but if they are more practical for you, then I can see why you would get them.
  5. just my opinion ok, not expert, just personal preferences really >

    shark s700 = fantastic helmet, but the awesome factor lies in the s900, looks far more awesome in the latest designs/graphics.. but s900 not a better helmet in the protection factor, is equivelant to s700. i don't think the colour/design of your choosing is all that great either. your helmet sits above the roofline of most traffic and is often the only part of you that's in view. not that people look anyway. but i like a helmet graphic design to be a bit more flamboyant. a bit more out there, eye grabbing. some of the new s900 on that site really excell in that regardhttp://www.bikebiz.com.au/categories/Apparel/Motorcycle-Helmets/Road-Motorbike-Helmets/Shark/S900/ >
    (assuming you know with trying one on that these helmets fit you properly)

    berick jacket > very nice, but the price really is a big ask for that. again, something you need to try on. different leather jackets have different fits designed to suit riding position. that jacket looks to be ergonomically biased toward a fairly aggressive sportsbike riding postion.

    kevlar jeans as linked > meh
    could buy the equivelant for 50 bucks less at any discount biker gear shop. still get what you pay for, crap but better than nothing.

    shift fuel shoes > do not understand their purpose. may as well just wear some cheap runners from kfart, 30 bucks.

    gloves > those look way crap to be honest, will probably disintegrate rather quickly, waste of money.
  6. Yeah helmets i will be trying on locally but they charge way too much to think about purchasing one there :S

    I picked the shoes because i wil also be wearing them at work so i need something comfortable enough that i can wear them for the length of a 8hr shift as there really isn't anywhere for me to get changed at work and leave my boots.

    I plan on getting some of these for when i start riding on the highway as i have worn a mate of mines and they feel fantastic.

    In response to the gloves yes, i think i will get some better ones, and non perforated too as it is getting colder. The Shift shoes look a lot like the shoes i normally wear anyway, i know the protection is rather minimal but it seems better than nothing and the soles are starting to come off my normal shoes so its time for an upgrade anyway ;)

    The jacket, i just like, i am trying to find one to try on but havent seen any locally, i will be making a trip into the Melb CBD next week though so i can hopefully find one there.

    Helmet wise, i can probably stretch to the S900 especially if something looks really awesome! ........which seems to be happening.
  7. Shark really have great graphics
  8. Couldn't agree more, have settled on 2 but can't decide which! Gunna try see them both in person to make a final judgement (And check size).

    Jeans sounds awesome, I usually wear a pretty dark blue or black pair of jeans :)

    The shift shoes i am pretty sold on as i really like the style of the white pair and are similar to my street shoes i wear at the moment(http://store.dcshoes.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4022606&cp=3448740.3448746.3436135)

    I just hope they fit well.
  9. Hi mate,

    Firstly welcome!!! Hopefully you will enjoy the nice roads Gippsland has to offer soon enough.

    With the prices O/S at the moment, if i was you id really consider a suit like below. Being a 2 piece, you have the ease and comfort when off the bike and the safety of leather while on it. Even though you mention not going over 60 for awhile, you will once your confidence grows and you would hate to come unstuck not wearing the right gear.


    Just my input!!! Cheers
  10. I assume you know this but 'F#@K the graphics' that is secondary.... make sure the helmet is the right fit for you... and No! I dont mean size, I mean fit

    Different helmets suit different shaped heads so, unless you've tried several different brands on you will not know whether one fits better than the others.
    If you are lucky, the Shark may be the one... if you are not, FFS dont buy the wrong skidlid just because of a pretty picture[-(

    to go with your 'pretty' jeans

    I know, I know.... only raggin' ya:wink:
  11. That statement in all reality will not hold.

    I'd never ridden a motorcycle before my HART learner course and have had my own motorcycle for about 7 days. Like you I'd said I wouldn't be going over 60km/hr but that held true for about 2 days!! Not because I'm an overconfident noob but because i found myself on a road with a 70 limit. At 60km/hr, i had cars so close on my tail it was just too dangerous.

    Regardless, even If you come off your bike at 60km/hr you would still want the best possible protection. So shop around and try to get the most value for your budget.

    I'd revisit the shoes and gloves for starters. I'd doesn't take long on the bike to realise your feet and particularly ankles could do with some proper protection.

    I was going to get some jeans but ended up getting some Cordura pants with kevlar in the same areas as the jeans. After doing some reading on this forum, my thinking was the Cordura will probably hold a bit better than denim. Currently saving for a pair of leather pants, as that still will be the best protection.

    I know it can all be a bit tricky if you don't have space to store your gear at work. I'm in the same situation at the moment, so still catching the train to work for now, until i can sort something out.

  12. Yeah can't wait to cruise around down here, ocean roads to ride around and only 40kms from Phillip Island, should be sweet! That 2pc is really nice i might have to consider that actually, would probably only wear the jacket to begin with but would definitely wear the whole thing on the highway.
  13. Yeha i did mention trying it on first :p I made a small list of Helmets i like in a few different brands and i am sure amongst them i will find one that fits well, i don't have an abnormal head or anything, everything is where it should be :p
  14. I'm with Rogues on all the gear you listed - you seem to have chosen each item for the way it looks, rather than fits or performs.
    For example, you've mentioned a colour for all except one item...
    Your helmet choice is seemingly limited to one make/model, but with a choice of patterns...

    By all means buy stuff you think looks OK, but really, think about why you're wearing it in the first place...
  15. Looks isn't something i WANT to be too fussy on, but as i will be wearing the clothes (Minus Jacket, Helmet and Gloves of course) to work they need to look half decent still which is why i am asking opinions, trying to get a good mix between what looks good enough for work still and what will protect me.

    Helmet model isn't set in stone but my favorite is the S900/700 but also going to check out the AGV K4 and HJC CS-R1, between them i am pretty confident of finding one that fits me well
  16. Wow looks fantastic, thanks for that, will take a trip and check it out next week, only 90'ks away
  17. i was doing 110 k's an hour on my first day riding (obviously not on the learner course, but when i was fully legal to ride).

    oops :D it was so much fun!
  18. I get the wearing for work thing; I'm lucky enough to have a locker...
    Try on every brand of helmet you can squeeze your bonce into - you might get lucky and find a cheapish RJAYS number is the perfect fit (and I believe they come in a range of designs to appeal to the young folk...).
    Is it possible to keep a pair of shoes under your desk? Just a thought...