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Bashed in the city... Where to from here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by destroyer5787, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. I was bashed friday 2 weeks ago by about 10 young guys in the city, the severity of injuries meant i had to go to hospital immediately, i was discharged the following morning and i did not file a police report. I am fine now, just wondering is there any further action I can take, these same people have bashed my friend previously. There was no motive or provocation, the classic "what are you looking @" kind of group, givem a look they dont like, and they're after you....

  2. File a police report - immediately.
    Leaving aside the fact that if you do not these characters escape scott free, If you do not you may end up wearing medical expenses that you may not have, and you will be unable to claim any compensation.
  3. So you were the victim of an assault and nobody from the hospital called the cops?
  4. ok i will do it asap after work, (file police report)

    and no, nobody from the hospital called the police. 2 officers did show up to the scene after the youths had fled, they "suggested" i call an ambulance. When i refused (not covered). the refused to give me a lift there and left.
  5. not such a destroyer then, huh?
    should have used the move in your sig ;)
  6. Why would they?

    Every emergency department I've visited (and I've been in a few, one way or another), unless you were sporting a gunshot wound or a very obviously deliberately inflicted knife/glass wound, has regarded the cause of the injuries to be noone's business but your own.

    They're not obliged to call the cops and noone in an overstretched ED is going to make unnecessary, probably unproductive and almost certainly unappreciated work for themselves by doing so voluntarily.

    But yes. Make a formal report to Vicpol ASAP.
  7. unfortunately afaik ryu could only ever haduken one person at a time T_T
  8. Lets see .. this happened 2 weeks ago?
    Same group bashed your friend previously?
    You didn't file a police report then, but want to know what "further' action you could take?

    Mate, go file a report ASAP before these FARKTARDS beat up on someone else,
  9. To be honest, this is the kind of response you will probably get when you go to report it as well. The cops will wonder why the heck you didn't report it sooner. To give you a better chance of a receptive response, I would suggest you report it in the city where it happened and be reasonably insistent. PErhaps take evidence of your injuries e.g. photos/medical report to give further weight to your story. Make sure you are specific about times and dates before you get there as well. Good luck.
  10. I love gutless punks who need their mates to help them kick someones ass. :evil: Good luck mate.
  11. Did your mate report it? Might be helpful if he did. If you can both identify the same people as being responsible it might encourage the cops to keep a closer eye on them.

    Any witnesses? It would be super helpful to the cops if you know of anyone who saw the assault occur.

    What kind of a bunch of limp wristed pussys need 10 mates to take on 1 person? fcuking soft cocks. :soapbox:
  12. You need to go to ninja school. Here's a photo of the class of 2007 on graduation day:


    There are 104 ninjas in that photo. How many can you find?
  13. PMSL!!!!

    Spat my beer on my keyboard you bastard :LOL: :rofl:
  14. Fark Loz, laughed so hard think im having a stroke ya bastard.

    Where were you when it happened mate? Location, time just wondering that's all ! :twisted:
  15. Something doesn't sound right here; the same people bashed your mate previously? Where exactly were you? I've been walking Melb streets in the middle of the night for the last 10 years, I have never seen someone bashed that.... A, didn't ask for it or B, could have avoided the situation.

    If this was an innocent bashing, and you can find the dudes again, lets say we initiate another coming together and we give em back what they give?
  16. Take a brazillian jiu jitsu class, train in it for about 6 months, then bring some of your bjj friends...even if there all professional boxers, or have trained in kung fu or karate for 20 years or so...you will be able to beat the piss out of them one at a time.

    Alternatively...call the cops....
  17. :LOL: :LOL:
    What's even funnier ( or sad ) is that I had actually begun looking for those 104 little farkers :p :p
  18. Actually there are 106 - you missed a couple. :p
  19. Oh yeah and on the subject of the thread - to paraphrase Lady Bracknell

    "to be bashed once may be regarded as a misfortune, to be bashed by the same group a second time looks like carelessness"

    We are not getting the whole story here - the mate got bashed a few week's earlier and didn't report it, then the OP cops a beating from the same group and fails to report it. This whole thing is a tad malodorous methinks.