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Base layer help

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lui, May 10, 2011.

  1. It's getting cold and it can only get colder for the next couple of months, I like push bike leg warmers because they don't bother when going to the toilet but I need something warmer now, would a single base layer (top and bottom) do the job for colder days (plus normal shirt, jacket, and riding pants)?

    I guess it doesn't have to be motorcycle specific, may be some camping store would have a good selection of base layers. Any particular brand/style of base layer that you can recommend?


  2. +1 - A new set of Kmart or Target "thermal underwear" every winter and my bollocks stay toasty all the way to work...
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    I like the sounds of Kmart and Target :) Those specialised base layers are not exactly cheap.
  4. Yeah I wear my ski thermals when I ride down south. Nice and snuggly. Up here your lucky to ever use your thermal liner in your jacket.
    Winter is the only time you can ATGATT and not sweat like a pig.
  5. Thought I would jump on the end of this thread as I'm looking for somewhere to buy a knox cold killer shirt. Doesn't look like I can get it in AU, but I'm not sure which international shop that stocks them is any good. Any recommendations for a shop that has a good price and low shipping charges (one tempted me with cheap shipping, but then came up with $60 for shipping a shirt :| )
  6. Has anyone tried skins like the footy players wear? I was wondering if they'd help with cramps on longer rides too. For the moment I have some long johns and a thermal tshirt from skiing. Wish my ski jacket was asphalt proof - last year in New Zealand I was skiing in -2C weather with just that thermal tshirt underneath.
  7. I wear skins (well the slazenger copy) under my leathers. helps in getting them on and off and they wick up the sweat. wear oxford chillout when its cooler. they have an insulated front and coolmax back.
  8. I use thermals, my only advice if you go this way, do your self a favor and spring the cash for merino.
  9. Someone recommends Polartech but it doesn't seem to be available locally.

    Any particular brand of merino?
  10. Oxford Chill Out shirt is essentially the same thing as the Knox Cold Killer Shirt, and can be found locally.

    I'ver tried so far Knox Coldkillers, Oxford Chillouts and even the Revit Gamma base layers, and have to admit that the Oxfords are my favorites, and work almost as well as Knox's
  11. polartec is an upper end fleece material. kathmandu and places like that make their stuff out of it
  12. That reminds me - I went to this Camping shop on the weekend and they had 40% on their accessories and that included Merino thermals from this Brand - Vigilante. They retailed at $100 and $110 (with collar zippers). The proprietor herself was wearing one and was raving about their quality.

    I might drop by next weekend or something and get one myself.
  13. On the recommendation of some people at work I bought some Terramar merino thermals. Picked up a set of 100% merino pants, long sleeve shirt and balaclava as well as a silk long sleeve shirt for US$135 delivered. Tried them out by wearing them in the shed (temp about 7degrees) for 30 mins while I polished my helmet (my shoei, not that) and I was comfortable.