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Base layer for hot weather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by PEEair, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Well it's summer and I've been looking for some long sleve base layer that is designed to be worn in hot weather. So far I've only found Under Armour Heat Gear and was wondering if there are any cheaper alternative?

  2. Why do you want to wear long sleeves anyway?
  3. Help with taking the leather jacket off when I'm sweaty.
  4. +1.

    The lining in my jacket makes taking out the arms almost impossible.
  5. Yeah I guess I know what you mean, but would the added heat from another long sleeve layer negate the benefits? I dunno, you tell me!

  6. if you get coolmax it wicks the sweat away and you feel cooler!
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  7. Apparently those compression shirts can help bring the moisture to the top and keep you dry. Whether that's true or not I'll let you know when I buy some.
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  8. Slazenger bioslyx shirt/shorts are by one get one half price until the 29th! at BIGW ~$35 each so both for $52.5

    Grabbed myself some today, just make sure they take the anti theft device off the actual item, I told they lady but she only took it off the shorts!
  9. Is that a long sleeves shirt? Also Linebreak is having a sale on their comression range, 70% off order over $200 and 60% off order under $200. Coupon code is BIG70 and BIG60.
  10. I don't think so. The catelogue only has the shirt/short pictured.

    The long sleeve shirt and shorts are $39 each.
  11. hi guys. I did a road trip from Melbourne to Brisbane last summer and I was concerned about how hot I was going to get on the ride. I did a search and found hyperkewl evaporative cooling vests on ebay from a company in Australia that had the best prices. I don't think they work under leather jackets but if you have a nylon jacket that breathes, they work really well. You just soak them in water for a couple of minutes and put it on. Stays cool for hours.
  12. Do you sell them?
  13. Had a look at that linebreak stuff. Sounds like a great deal. Anyone used them before?
  14. Well I have been using it for a week now and so far so good. It does keep you pretty dry and surprising pretty cool. I thought it would be hot wearing compression in hot weather. Another plus is that it is now super easy to take off my jacket. Can't comment on durability as I haven't got it for long enough.
  15. Skins, not cheap thou.
  16. I have been wearing Held Coolmax base layer this summer.
    First reason I got it was because I didn't want to arrive at work with my shirt soaked with sweat.
    Does it make you cooler? Maybe, but you are not going to notice it on a hot day. On a hot day, you are going to be hot no matter what you are wearing really. Having said that I find it dry very quickly and it's anti-microbial, which means it doesn't smell easiliy.
    I didn't believe it but after using it for the last few weeks, I can confirm that it does work. Obviously it won't remain fresh smelling indefinitely but certainly not every day even after being soaked. If you were soaked while wearing a cotton t-shirt, you probably wouldn't want to wear it or even be in the same room with the t-shirt!
    They are not cheap though. I got the long sleeve shirt and bottom for just under 100 bucks. I have just ordered a set online from Asia which claims to be the same as Coolmax. It was only 20 bucks for the set so it was worth trying :)