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Bars Shudder

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 1WDrive, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. I have recently done the forks ( springs, seals, oil) and they seem great.
    One thing I thought I'd be rid of and thought was a fork/spring issue still lives on. There is a shudder in the bars over (some?) bumps and sometimes when I brake. And I can bring it on if I ride along with the front brake applied and throttle on enough to maintain speed. Working the motor against the brakes so to speak.
    I thought it had to do with the underweight springs and forks needing an oil change.
    I doubt its rotors as I can't feel it in the lever.
    I was thinking steering bearing but can't feel any movement when I give it a push / pull on the bars.
    Any Ideas welcome.........

  2. Warped brake disk
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  3. Wheel bearings can give something like you describe if its realy getting old. Easy enough to check. Look on youtube for instructions. Check for any notchy-ness in the stearing while the weights off the wheel. Stearing bearings show themselves better when the weights off them.
    Good place to start before you look at brakes.
  4. Head stem bearing
  5. Head stem bearings if your sure its not the rotors
  6. Hmmm thanks all.
    How long should wheel and head stem bearing last. They were done about 12,000k ago when I bought the thing to pass a roadworthy.
    Surley I would feel rotors in the brake lever?
  7. Rotors would be felt throughout the bike every time you brake.

    Get up to perhaps 60km/h, and give the front brake a sharp, firm grab, and after a split second release the lever. It will show if the bearing isn't right.
    If you have a way of getting the front wheel off the ground with no weight on it, stand at the front of the wheel, grab it at a 45deg angle and give it a sharp, short pull forward and upward, and again you will feel the movement in the whole fork. It's easier to feel if someone holds the front brake for you while you give the wheel a yank, but just be careful not to yank the bike off the stand or support.

    Bearings will almost always last more than 12000km, but it may just need tightening to spec, especially if it has been replaced not so long ago.
  8. Not necessarily. Hot spots can cause no lever pulsing but terrible shudder through the front end. I had this problem a couple of months back
  9. Problem solvered. Tweet wins - first correct answer!
    Lifted the front wheel, and pushed and pulled on the forks, and there it was, that little bit of play coming from the headstem.
    Took the lazy way out and took it to the bike shop down the road. They tightened the (lower) nuts and all is good again.

    Funny thing is that that little bit of play ruined the whole feel of the forks that I'd just redone. I only rode the bike home after that but geez it felt good being all tight and decent springs. Can't wait to go for a decent ride to try it out properly!
  10. Glad to have helped ;)
  11. barnacle - appologies, I think I may have over looked your post. But as there was no contest, thanks to all for the input!