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Barry Way

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bikeybiker, May 8, 2008.

  1. In 2009 I am considering taking a trip down the Barry Way. Can anyone recommend a good unsealed route to return on after taking the Barry Way from Jindabyne?
    Doesn't have to come back to Jindabyne but somehwere in the general direction of Canberra?

  2. Hi,
    I know the perfect route!
  3. south coast (cann river), buchan, mckillops bridge, then barry again to jindy.

    Check road conditions for road collapses around mckillops before you go.
  4. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Head south on the Barry, turn left and go across McKillops until the Bonang, turn Left and back to Delegate.

    From there head towards Bombala and pick a route.

  6. I returned to Sydney from Melbourne via the Barry Way on Monday of this week. Awesome road, particularly the tarmac portions (I was on a VFR).

    Not sure of unsealed options for you to take, but thought I would add this useless comment as there didn't seem to be much about the Barry Way on the net when I was preparing my trip.

  7. and i was heading down there and you stopped me good sir...,

    up for a bonang run in a few weeks?? Mr Tweet.??
  8. No can do mate......
  9. Check the weather before you go,not fun on road tyres in the wet,very slippery gray clay,90ks in 1st gear with muiltiple front wheel slids was my result.
  10. What is it Tweet?
  11. I've had a look at this on the map and looks like a good ride....Thanks
  12. Thanks for writing in.
  13. Now your scaring me Zim
  14. Dont be put off,if you are using a dirtbike its easy,if you are running road rubber just dont expect much fun if its wet,be smart and check the weather maps.The bridge is huge and the camping along the Snowy River
    is absolutly fantastic.Not to be missed.
  15. I actually rode it on Saturday as part of a little trip from Bombala through Bendoc, Bonang across McKillops Bridge and back to Jindy (than on home).

    The surface was generally quite good in terms of grip, but then I do run a knobby style of tyre on the Weestrom so that sure helps.

    There are sections on the dirt at the Jindy end that have a few washaways running across the road although none are dramatic or dangerous. There are also some sections along the river that are a bit 'rough' by comparison to the rest of the road, but all up she is in good knick.

    The biggest question though is what you will be riding as if it rains I would expect that the surface will deteriorate in a number of places and will likely end as gripless mud.

    I know I can't link to the post here but I have put pics up in another forum etc of sections of the road and if interested just PM me and I will send the link.

  16. Thanks for the details on this Garry. Would be interested to see photos but as a newbie can't PM. Send to bikeybiker @ hotmail.com closing the gaps Thanks
    No wise cracks from anybody about the VTX and the Barry Way - - I won't be taking the VTX
  17. Just to show how easy it is my trip was on my 1975 Laverda 3C,was great fun till the rain made the gray clay like butter and the last 90ks was in 1st gear and front end slides got lots of attention.