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NSW Barry to re-introduce M4 tolls, increase M5 tolls

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by snuff3r, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. #1 snuff3r, Jun 24, 2012
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    Screwing the west again.

    /doesn't live west

  2. Time to install a flip number plate...

    M5 tolls just went up!

    Thankfully I don't travel on highways to work... Cycling over the M5 when it's a carpark in the morning seems like I'm cheating.
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  3. whats with all these comments from the greens,
    what they have 1 or 2 members and they get more air time than the labour
  4. If they really wanted to FUCK us they would put bike lanes, from Clover Moore's city to the mountains. That would be funny (and I, unfortunately - could never rule it out as impossibly retarded :()
    Someone needs to have the balls to be realistic about traffic when they build a road. Those blokes were geniuses in the 1930's when they planned the Bridge - was good for 60 years.
  5. They're doing Labors job, who've been silent for some time now.
  6. Silent??? John Robertson gets a rant in the paper every time the O'farrell government mentions anything to do with transport.

    If only he was silent. As the transport minister under labor, Robertson really needs to STFU and start apologizing.
  7. out of curiosity.. where does the revenue from traffic infringements go towards..?
  8. Consolidated revenue. The NRMA and police associate lodged a petition for camera revenue to be redirected to road safety (and hiring another 200 traffic cops). Parliament discussed this petition in March.
  9. Better not reintroduce the M4 tolls!...................
  10. I should have used "useful" instead of "silent". Labor are too vocal to the point where people just ignore the "ranting" now. Whereas, especially in the inner city, the greens seem a little more sane than the labor option, so they get a lot of airplay.
  11. I don't pay the M5 toll anyway, i just ride along close to the centre line through the etag lane and the camera aimed at the centre of the lanes doesn't pick up my plate