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NSW Barry Sheene

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Kobo, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Just remembered the BSFOS is on shortly. 15th to the 17th March...
    Check it out here for info


    Kobo :cool:

  2. Yep, brother will be there with the Shadowfax on display..
  3. Ill be there :)

    Just look for a guy sporting what may appear to look like a prosthetic right leg... ;)
  4. No National Laverda rally and camping this year,but there will still be a bunch there,be interesting doing the Sunday lunch parade laps,WLA chicane's on the straight should be fun
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    Here is some footage from today including a crash on the outlap. I have no idea how to retain HD on upload. Either way this camera is pure bang for buck - enjoy the video!

    Shot on Liquid Image Ego HD cam $135au :)
    FOV: 135
    SHOOT MODE: 720p
    FPS: 60

  6. Top photos, Phil it was HOT there yesterday, both the temperature and the racing
  7. Was a good day, it's always interesting to see sidecars and a whole lot of 2stokes
  8. Phil,

    Good to see a shot of Alan Kemspter. He is one top bloke. He should be put in front of every school kid in Australia. Not only is he very competitive on his Kwaka 400 where he always finishes higher up than his starting position on the grid, he does it all himself with bugger all assistance. I've had the pleasure of spending time with him at the last 3 BSFOS and he is one special bloke. Doesn't whinge about no arm/no leg, just gets out and does it; gives his all. Rode two years ago with a broken collarbone at the same event.

    See the video on the attached link. This was done quite recently as he is wearing his Reevu helmet. He paints his bike each year for the BSFOS which is why the bike on the video has a different paint scheme to the one he rode over the weekend. Also look at his racing plate and number. It took a while but it has been sanctioned by the Vic racing association. He lives in Victoria and travels to Sydney each year for the event.

  9. Enjoyed the vid but what bike is it shot from? Is it yours/you riding? I tried to check out your profile for some info but it seems you're bashful...LOL

    Kobo :cool:
  10. i had a great day out there on sunday and had the chance to chat to Al about the setup on his bike. he should be in front of every school kid in australia as Bandit01 says. he is a top bloke and pretty inspirational. Great event every year.

  11. Vid of the parade laps,4 wide into turn 1.Huge speed differences,120 bikes on the track,interesting is a massive understatement.
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  12. Ah
    my avatar isn't though haha.
    Rider is Paul Grant-Mitchell (wet4u racing)
    Bike is Kawasaki zx-7
    No I'm not riding ;)

    He uploaded race vids to his channel. Search wet4uracing
  13. Only the one Laverda this year ZIM.

    Ian Morrisons little 500 Monduic

    one bloke ended up having to go overseas for work and the other guys bike wasnt ready for the weekend.
  14. And no dumpster diving required even,a couple of years back they swooped a cam chain and lost the joining link,found in the wrapping paper in the bin the next day.
    They have really got there act together now.Didn't miss a beat,well maybe some brake drama.The parade laps were attention getting,3 wide in turn 1 had my eyes pealed and swelling bullets.