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Barry Sheene Tribute ride (again)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Brian26146, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. I'll try again.

    Is anyone going along on the ride this year?

    I am going again. So is my daughter on her bike.

    Good ride for newies as the going is not fast. If any newies go and need a ride buddy, yell out.

    You get a few laps of the PI track and a free feed after.

    Last yr just under 700 bikes. Trip is about 360k I think.

    I am going down to Bairnsdale in the morning of the ride. It is on the Thursday before the Grand Prix. 13th I think.
  2. I have a question on this - do you fang around the track, or is it a sedate lap under police escort? :LOL:
  3. The latter, under marshall escort/lead and I think it's speed limited too.
  4. As long as you behave and don't pass the leader you have no probs.
    Last yr some drongo went flying past everyone, (why?) one of the bike cops suddenly appeared on his tail and wagged a finger at him.

    I haven't heard of anyone getting booked on the ride at all. Apparently some stragglers were going quick to catch up but they weren't booked.

    From Bairnsdale to Stratford they get along to the limit. I saw 105 on the dial at one point. Once into the hills after Morwell they slow to 80-90 so the samller bikes and slower riders can keep up.

    There is also a Paramedic following just in case.

    So come on all you newy riders, this is a good long ride and a safe one. If you have a prob you will be helped out.

    As for on the track, no you cannot go fast, well if you are lucky you might get a short burst. I did last year.
  5. Aww that is totally crap. They should just let people go for it. :LOL:

    The crowd would love to see squids on the R1's running wide into the kitty litter, the old bloke on the POS 1963 BMW lowside on his 10 year old tires, posers fanging past the scooters 200kph quicker than them on the straights etc etc, it would be the most entertaining part of the whole pre-race entertainment, demolition derby style :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Sorry Marty, but the speed camera thing was on a GP run from Cranbourn. There hasn't- as far as I know - been such an incident on the longer Sheene ride.
  7. Yep it was Cranbourne or more precisely Tooradin just before an intersection that has claimed many lives and all fines contested in court were thrown out! I would have liked to do this ride but was day 6 of our Sydney ride & while the 3 experienced riders left Eden at 5am to join this ride I just wanted to get home safely so I could go to the motogp! This year I'm planning on staying o/night in Bairnsdale! Oh bugger looks like I'll miss the netrider dinner!
  8. sounds fantastic, just make a reminder post a couple of weeks before the event and i'll definatly be in! :)
  9. Just check the calendar :p
  10. Dan
    Last yr they held me up as i went onto the track. When they let me go I had a clear track and went for it. As I got into the straight I saw a green flag being waved, so Iwent flat out. As I got over the rise there was the rest all stopped. Tested the brakes on the beemer. I ended up 3 rows into them before I stopped. Missed everyone. Was n o t good.
    They would have to clear the track and because there are so many riders there would be no time for all to have a go. I did ask a senior looking marshal for a lap but he just smiled and said nooooooooooo.
  11. Interesting Brian... I'm guessing that If you did somehow put a bit of space between yourself and the riders in front, you could have a bit of a crack without them booking you... Anyway i'm sure a magistrate would enjoy hearing a case about about a bloke charged with speeding on a racetrack :LOL: