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Barry Sheene Legacy Film

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by r0ddy, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. did a search , came up empty so i thought id share.

  2. fix your link up, only use the zIk-2Mi-izs bit
  3. slightly over-the-top hyperbole; several other riders could, by any measure, be called the Greatest Motorcycle Racer of all time

    but he was 'our' Bazza' too, and it was hard not to love him

    it's just so sad to see the footage of the perpetual cigarette, and to know how he died; poor Stephanie.....

    I remember reading of his 175MPH crash at Daytona, and being gob-smacked that he raced at Magny-Cours just six weeks later :shock:
  4. Looks like a fun watch.


  5. Anyone buy the DVD?
  6. Nope, im going back to the uk in June for a few weeks gonna pick it up then.
  7. "Influential and charismatic" was the claim and not much of a stretch.