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Barry, don't screw this up.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Picking up from the other thread:

    Two things at play here have been making me think for a while, and have been somewhat troubling. The first is the focus on cyberbullying and the second is constant repetition of statement that this occurred in a quote disadvantaged unquote area in society. In a way they are quite related and definitely not healthy.

    To me cyber bullying is a new call cry by the cotton wool smotherers. Every time bullying has been mentioned in the media of late, it has always been in relation to cyber bullying and myfacespace or icq or whatever. Far be it for me to jump to the conclusion of government interference and influencing the media, I do wonder what there is to be gained by having this focus.

    While I don't doubt the government does have some sway in certain aspects of the media (focus on speed etc) for whatever reason the media has generally tried to toe the politically correct line fairly carefully, and this cyber bullying push has been a symptom of that.

    What is to be gained? By drawing away the focus on bullying from schools to the home computer and the interwebs, a utopian ideology of school being a safe haven is constructed. They claim "That doesn't happen here, if it does occur, its at home on the computer, not in the playground, no no. You child will be safe here with us." Similar to all other problems the government "works" on, instead of fixing it, it just gets covered up and made to smell as nice as possible.

    So you get what we had here last week, which is the way, it seems, that they want it. By downplaying the existence of a problem, all that will happen is the problem will grow unimpeded. So what did they do? They blamed it on the "disadvantaged". This would never occur in our area, we're educated over here. We know better, we teach our children bullying is naughty and they obey us because we shower them with love and happiness. Yes, our wittle Thomas noes dat is vewy vewy norty.

    I can't wait for a similar thing to come out at Kincoppal, Trinity or Rose Bay High School, lets see what they pedal out then.

    So is there a point to this rant? Sort of. Bullying is not really the point though. Just this last hour, our household discussion was on the education system, collectively banging our head against the wall about how much crap is fed to us, about public schools getting better results than private, about how students are smarter than ever before and working harder than ever before, about how teachers are the very best they ever have been, about how it doesn't matter what school your student goes to, they will all get the very best education on offer.

    The sad truth is DET has made it next to completely impossible to fail anyone. To get less than 50 for a HSC subject in NSW is literally impossible. To achieve it, the student cannot turn up to any classes at all, hand in any assessments at all. My mother tried to give a non-serious attempt mark (N-award) to a student for not doing anything, a single thing at all in year 12 and she was battled the whole 9 yards for it. She lost and the kid given a pass grade.

    Yesterday Barry O'Farrell was more or less handed a blank cheque by NSW voters and now he has to prove himself. He has a choice, he can continue with the utter BS, the lies, the spin, the buck passing, the incompetence that has run riot through every single facet of the labor government during the last eight years. If he does, this time in four years he will not be our premier. The other option is he can actually try fixing things. The failing road system, the failing public transport system, the failing health system, the failing education system, the failing corruption watchdog are just a few that come to mind.

    I will now quietly step of this soapbox.