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Barriers - Wouldn't these be nice

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Haggismaen, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    Wouldn't the state governments be incredibly sensible and proactive if they were to start installing these on some of the more common motorbike accident zones? It would sure make a nice change if they did something more to prevent severe rider injuries and fatalities than just seeming to regurgitate 'speeding' and 'negligence' for almost every single accident.

    Full article here.
  2. read an article before similar to the above where they put 'soft' barriers in freeways in spain i think definitely a good idea but cant in visage it happening here unfortunately
  3. Still doesn't stop you going over the top, but they're a good start!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. No, but the majority of barrier fatalities result from going under and hitting one or more of the support posts.

    A problem with both cheesewires and traditional Armco.

    Anyway, soft barriers will only encourage all those irresponsible motorbike hoons :mad: .
  5. Actually, what I'd like to see is a smooth, curved barrier, like a bowl, so you'd not have to hit anything, just ride out of it!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. and under an oncoming truck :shock:

    well, that was the GM of Maintenance for South East NSW(RTA), said at the HS&E conference last year. as with every possible solution though, if you came off, you have a good chance of being fu(ked up somehow :(
  7. noticed on the old road in sydney, up around kangaroo valley and so on there is a bottom row of the old W barrier going on to stop you hitting the posts. It's all a good start to moving in the right direction.