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Barrier HIghway Info

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Benny Boy, May 14, 2013.

  1. I'm planning to head to Victor Harbour SA in January of next year.

    GPS tells me the barrier highway is the most direct way to get there.

    There is an article in this months Roadrider about it. Not too much info there. But i thought i'd check and see if anyone here has done it and has any insight about what to expect and do while traveling on it.

  2. That's strange as google maps say this way is shorter at 2000 kms http://goo.gl/maps/DcaZE

    Not to matter.

    Cobar to Wilcannia is the longest distance between fuel stops at 260kms.

    Usual wildlife to watch out for are emus and roo's for most of the trip.

    You can take a side trip to Silverton from Broken Hill and visit the Mad Max museum

    Peterborough in SA has a small motorcycle and a rail museum.

    Burra has an old copper mine and I think the old gaol is open for tourists
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  3. I did it on the Ural five years ago. Long and not very interesting. There are three fuel stops after Cobar. Emmdale, Wilcannia and Little Topar. Emmdale was unfriendly and their fuel was shit, even for E10. Wilcannia is a proper town with some interesting engineering things to look at (lifting bridge over the Darling and portable engine outside the shire office) but is depressingly run down. Didn't fuel up there. Little Topar is friendly and their fuel was better than Emmdale but was still E10 so be careful of any effects on fuel range.

    Cobar Hot Bake does good breakfast fare. I wouldn't eat at Emmdale and would be dubious at Wilcannia. Better to wait until Broken Hill.

    Watch out for feral goats, which are generally bright enough to stay out of the way, and grey nomads with slow motorhomes and caravans, which are not.

    Overall, a bit dull but not particularly challenging. Enough traffic that if the worst happens you won't have to wait long for help.
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  4. thanks guys that's some good info.

    I had my GPS set to faster time not shorter distance. Im curious about this new route now.
  5. There's not a lot of difference, maybe 100kms, but consider it for the return trip option
  6. Did it July last year. What to expect - Road Trains (double trailers), Caravans, eagles (though more in SA), goats. The goats are smart, to the point where they won't move if they are only a foot out of your lane. Cobar is full of bogans. I thought Dubbo was full of bogans - and it is - but Cobar is in a whole different league. Broken hill is full of locals + tourists. Fuel is far more regular in SA than NSW, with several road houses between Burra and the boarder. I didn't stop to look at things, was on a mission to get from Barossa to dubbo in ~10-11 hours including breaks.

    I'd say you are reasonably safe going WOT between Cobar and Wilcannia, and from Wilcannia to the Little Topar road house. The bloke at the wilcannia servo said he hadn't seen HWP out there for a few weeks. As far as I could tell, SA has neither impounding nor on-the-spot suspension laws so go for it. I passed one cop in SA, a right beat up 4wd patrol which had "police" written so small I only noticed it about 4 seconds from overtaking at well above the limit. They were doing 90, so a minute after passing them I was going again. After talking to a local mechanic at Broken Hill, they told me the LAC has two HWP, a yellow and red. Passed the yellow three min out of town and didn't see any other.