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Discussion in 'Jackets' started by sbk_750, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. I just bought a Joe Rocket textile jacket, brand new for $50.



  2. No link to where from = thread fail.
  3. You guys can be jacket buddies.

  4. BGW I expect. Nice buy.
  5. Yeah but they are not a real motorcycle company anymore, they don't even have a race team in MotoGP. Bastards.

    NB: I have two.
  6. Nice jacket mate !
    Big fan of Gixxers (y)
    Even enough to make me consider a runout 2011 (possibly) in the near future...
    They may not be in MotoGP, Vertical C, but they're still 'out there' on other grids..kicking butt !
  7. Yeah I know, its just raw at the moment.
  8. BGW has them for $75, AMX for $50.
  9. Oh, And suzuki never ran gixxers in the motogp.....:-s
  10. Stop ruining my rant.
  11. That jacket would be awesome if it didn't have Suzuki across the front, or GSXR on the back, and it would better in black.
  12. Because its what he does best ;)

    AMX has them for $50 but sizes are limited. Girls jackets availible in red for $50 but buggered if I can find them in an XS or S :(
  13. Nice, I'd get one if I could have one in black, just take the RGSX patch off.
    I shall have to pop down to AMX and see what they can do for me. Are they good for summer?
  14. Just bought a Honda Joe rocket jacket(reasonable armor) $50 and pair of denim hornees for less than $100 total savings according to my receipt? $569.00 good savings I'd say :D
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  15. That's awesome, chicken ! Well done (y)
  16. I thought so, Im good at getting bargains :D So thats now $569.00 that goes into the "Help chicken get a track bike fund"
  17. Seems a worthy cause. Where do we donate ? :D
  18. Would be better if it was free as well I guess but hey who's complaining. ;)
  19. Canned goods dont count :p lol

    On second thoughts, Ill be on 2 min noodles soon so can goods could come in handy

    Also had a look around at the leathers 1 and 2 piece also dramatically cut if anyone needs them. If your prepared to spend some time sorting through, youll save $$
  20. Interested to know just how much discount on the 1 & 2 piece leathers, chicken.
    A few of us got in on Goz's Berik Sale recommendation a while ago....they were 50% discounted !!! Awesome suit, the Capirex !
    As a result, those of us who wanted in were also 'scarred' with the Saggy Bums Club Member label :D