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Bargain GSX250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by LTK, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Hey all,
    I just managed to get myself a GSX250 from a mate for a very cheap price.
    Offcourse he hasn't driven it for a year so iI have a few problems.

    #1 the fuel drain line keeps leaking constantly and sometimes heaps.
    #2 The clutch would somertimes not recognise it was in, rendering it useless.
    #3 The bike won't start without being pusehd.

    I took some obvious first steps - tightened the clutch, got it working.
    Drainined the carbies, one was nice fuel colour, the other thick black.
    That unfortuantly did nothing to my attempts and stopping the leak.
    I drained the old fuel and put in some new, should i have added some fuel system cleaning additive, or do i need to take the whole thing apart and clean ?

    Any ideas would be great, Cheers.
  2. 'Start ya bastard' works wonders!

    Drain ALL the fuel and start again with clean stuff.
    What did you get the bike for?
  3. The inside of the fuel tank could be rusty and allowing crud into the fuel lines too, that can happen real easily, especially of the bike has been stored with a partly full tank.

    NOTE: If you are going to store a bike for a long period of time, either completely FILL the tank, or completely DRAIN the tank.
  4. If the bike has been sitting for a while and won't start you might also want to whip the plugs out and check them. Oh and just out of curiosity what year/model GSX is it?
  5. Just a guess........ for riding?

    Sorry. Couldn't resist.

  6. hahaha
  7. lol, yes. for riding haha.
    I managed to get the bike / helmet, for $300. Mates rates though !
    So get some new sparks aswell ?
    I bought some of that FUEL CLEANER for cars which is meant to clean out rust/debris etc. in fuel system, hopefully it works wonders.

    To drain the fuel tank, I am doing the syphon through a hose way ? or do bikes have an easier way ?

    Also, year of the bike im not exactly sure, but my guess is that its very early 80's. Maybe 83 / 84.
    Looks similar to this - http://www.250ccbikes.com/images/gsx250-2.gif
    Exept full of rust !
  8. Ah the old parallel twin GSX, keep finding info on those everytime I try and find something about my own bike - supposed to be pretty reliable. Set of new plugs is probably worth a shot, should cost less than 10 bucks all up and at least then you'll know when they were last changed. Another obvious one would be to check/clean the air cleaner. Look for the fuel line connecting the tank to the reserve/on switch, you should be able to use this to drain the tank if you don't feel like siphoning.
  9. That's the stighly earlier one. 82 was the last of them.

    the 83 on was the Katana looking one.

    Basically the same bike however.

    Good bikes, if a little heavy. I learnt to ride on the later one.
  10. LTK

    I noticed some cheap gs 400 bits listed on ebay.

    Listed as gsx400 I think.

    Also a pretty clapped out gsx250.