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Bargain Across

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Won't link it here because it's verboten, but there's a Suzuki Across - one of the better 250 faired beginner bikes - in QLD on eBay that looks like it will go when the auction ends this afternoon for about $1300 or not much over. My Mrs wants something with a more upright seating position, otherwise I'd be snapping it up, but given other Acrosses are going for nearly 3x the price I just thought I'd post a heads-up. I have no connection with the seller, and am certainly not vouching for the quality of the bike - do all your own investigations.

  2. Couldn't you get it across to your Mrs that it's not such across to bear to reach across the tank, or would she give you across reply? Across section of riders would agree, if you come across one - you might be able to bargain across her prejudices, given it's a bargain Across.
  3. Lovely work, as ever. Tip of the lid.
  4. A tick and not across? Lovely, thanks!
  5. I applaud you, good sir. Well done.
  6. and that was that...
  7. well played
  8. Sold now - ended up going for $1425. Bargain for whoever got it.
  9. Bit late now but mightn't risers assist?

    I'm gonna have a similar problem in a few months.