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Barend mirrors (VTR250 and others)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Riderman, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Hello guys,

    I've been throught the first 5-6 pages of search and couldnt find a similar thread, found a few complaining about the poor visibiklity of VTR250 mirrors which is what this thread is mainly about.

    I want to purchase this off ebay:
    It says you can either slot it into the barend, or clamp it on direct (like a bicycle's barend grip?!?!). What do you think of the clamping on direct bit? What are your experiences with barend mirrors?

    I read on another thread on NR that the VTR250 cannot have barends installed without removing the entire handlebar?

  2. Hey mate. Not sure about the bar end mirrors but I purchased these for my Spada.


    I too hated the shitty bunny ear mirros and couldn't see anything behind me without drastically moving my body. These are perfect as I adjusted them to what works for me and now I can see behind me by just moving my eyes. They're decent quality for their price too. I have mine installed with the stalk at a 45 degree angle and the mirror horizontal so it sits basically above my hand but with enough room not to bump it. Anyway, food for thought.
  3. From my limited experience using bar end mirrors, they are typically fairly useless.

    But I've also ridden a vtr250 and the vibrations through the mirrors is plain stupid so it couldn't be much worse :tantrum:
  4. I really like the bar end mirrors on my bike, they work well but you do need to look away to check them properly. Not really an issue for a quick lane change check and at least I can see something in them, the stock mirrors just showed shoulder and arms.

    Mine slot into the end of the bar and the mirror canbe put on the end of the insert or on the face, I have it on the face mounted on top but they can be hung below etc.


    Best I could find with an overall shot.

  5. riderman i have the same mirrors on my bike and so does a mate of mine.

    I've had them on for nearly a year now and they are still ok. I get no vibrations through these and they are alot better than the OEM ones.

    Just make sure the allen key screw thingy is tight, otherwise your mirror will bend back at high speeds :)
  6. Thanks for the pics steve i saw your bike build up in the other thread - love the loook i think i saw smeone with the same bike around north sydney this week..perhaps you

    kilo86 - thanks for the link, i tihnk i will get these too for mine.
    spooninatar - which mirrors do you have? same as Steve?
  7. na, I've got the same ones from Ebay that are on the link you posted. I think even from the same seller.

    If these pics don't work, I'll post them tonight.


  8. How do you find the bar end mirrors, though?

    I test rode my new bike today (2005 Speed Triple) with the Triumph bar end mirrors (small ovals sitting on top of the bars) and found that my vision was quite horrible.

    Made me miss my stock VTR250 mirrors a lot.

    But I suppose, I shouldnt really car what's behind me and just go go go, right?
  9. I could see alot of my arms in my oem mirrors, and even though the barend mirrors are smaller, I can see more because they are out of the way .... if you know what I mean.

    For the price, it's cheap enough to give em a shot, and if you don't like them you're only out of pocket $40.

    Plus, they look better. And sometimes it's all about the image. :)
  10. Hey Riderman, How tall are you? I was riding a VTR250 for 18 months and thought the mirrors had really good for visibility. I'm only 5'10" though. They looked pretty horrible, but I did think they were usefully set up if I could catch the elbow of my jacket in the top inside corner. If I couldn't see the car behind me in one mirror I used to just pull my elbow in a little, like the blokes on fendered sports bikes do, or, more often than not, peekin in the other mirror would spy out what I needed to see. (The sticks that the mirrors were sitting on were set back about 10mm past lateral.)

    I've got rectangular bar ends on the current bike ('09 thruxton) and the mirror visibility is great until the bike is above 4'000 revs, then the vibration fuzzes things up a bit much. The bar ends are great, but if you're commuting every day, you'll find them a little less manageable to squeeze past the cars' mirrors when filtering. This has been a real issue for me when comin down nicholson street. I've not worked out how to manage it yet, as standing them up vertically just stuff the visibility and is to much buggering around.

    I saw one bloke with an old cafed honda though, who had the small circular bar end mirrors, like the one's you're thinking of getting, slung under the bar ends just outside his wrist. Seems just low enough to miss the car's mirrors so seems to solve that problem... anyway, just some thoughts...
  11. they look like the exact ones i got. have the fittings started ti rust at all?
  12. VTR250 can't take bar end mirrors - they're a sealed bar unit, closed on both ends, so you'd be needing to replace the bars before you could put on bar end mirrors
  13. Hrm, my VTR certainly didnt have closed bars.

    Anyway, my new bike's bar end mirror's just clamp on to the bar ends.

    After stating earlier I found them annoying, it was only because I didn't realise I could flip them out the other way. Now they're awesome :D
  14. Saw a Triumph Speed Triple with barend mirrors this morning, and after clipping yet another cager mirror with my rabbit ears, I want some! Annoyingly I think I have closed bars on my VTR250, so need to find some clamp-ons...
  15. After upgrading from the VTR250 (to a TLS and now to the Speed Triple) I can tell you the triple also has needs clamp-ons.

    My Speed Triple has the Triumph branded genuine accessory bar end mirrors - about $260 a pair from PS. Just so you know, they're bloody useless. They're only there for legalities sake.

    The stock mirros on the VTR250 have much better viewing angles and your arms don't get in the way. I have considered putting on the original mirrors - but that's a pain in the arse.
  16. [​IMG]

    I run a pair of the ebay bar end mirrors on the Hyo and they are much better than the OEM mirrors that came off the bike. Im a fairly big bloke and all i could see in the old mirrors was my shoulder/elbow. It took a little while to get used to them but the blind spot is smaller then the larger OEM ones.

    The only down side is due to the size or maybe the shape of the glass its harder to judge distance in them, cars seem further back than they really are. So it might seem 50 meters back but in reality the cars is only 25 meters behind.

    Either way they look at lot better, the blind spot is smaller (always head check regardless) and they are lighter than the originals so i will not be changing them any time soon :)
  17. I have a Thruxton and a bar end mirror , no vibration , and vision is good. Its about setting it up properly. The other point is don't go cheap, as they are useless. Cheap bar end mirrors are light weight and the first freeway you get to will start to unwind them as the wind pushes them,good luck

    cheers Michael
  18. Hey Res, I should have replied to this post, but started a new one here:


    In summary. Pretty crap rear vision with them pointing out, considerably better with them pointing in.

    No vibrations of note :)