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Bareknuckle boxer revival of the 600f2

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by nice2Bnaked, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Ive lost my liscence. For a while. So when a mate crashes his mint '93 CBR600f2 into a van and walks away, and another mate purchases it and askes for my help in exchange for beers, and considering i've got a project coming up for when i get back on the road, all seems to fall into place very nicely...

    My mate paid $1000 for the wreck. All fairing busted (the bike hit front on, and flipped) instruments/h bar destroyed, subframe (one peice w/ frome though) a bit bent. Tank ok, engine good, wheels good.
    I love streetfighters, and I've done a bit of courier work. My mate is also a courier, and needs this bike to be tough.
    The theme is if it cant be polished bare metal, its black.
    The Bike is stripped down to engine/frame to be straightened. Weve stripped all the paint from the tank, fork legs, wheels, yokes ect. Next is the MX bar conversion, frame straightening, engine painted (black) farings reapaired (Black) a GP dash (www.austreetfighters.com.au) and some twin headlights. The tank game up great, just need to clear coat. Bare metal is going to be all over the bike, this thing is gunna look tough. Will post pics soon.
  2. N*A*M has a streetfightered 600F2. He's gone for one of those masks up front for the lights, and he's chopped a CB900F ducktail and stuck it on the back. I wouldn't say it's the best looking bike around, but it certainly looks tough. That might have something to do with the ginormous crash cage and 12 bar on it.

    My advice from recent experiene: keep it at least very close to roadworthy. ;)